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Ousted singers on ‘Idol’ still have fans

Readers speak out on the four who were sent home
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"American Idol" has to Bobby, Becky, Patrick and Stevie. Did they deserve to go home? And of the remaining singers, who's likely to win it all, and who should be joining them on their trip out of town?

Here are some of your comments.

RIGHT CHOICES“They were the exact 4 I knew would go first. I’m glad they did. Mandisa, Kellie, Ace, and Chris would all be EXCELLENT to win the final. Even if they don’t there will be a career for them after A.I. is over!”    --Jamie

PATRICK THE PIANO MAN“I did not think Patrick was given a chance. He has a beautiful voice and is also an accomplished pianist. He was trying to impress Simon and should have sang a different song. i think Simon should be [banned] from the show. He doesn’t know enough about different music to be a judge.”    --Elizabeth

BYE-BYE, BUCKY“Brenna should definitely go home. I felt Patrick should not have gone home, it should have been Bucky!”    --Vicki

TIME TO SHAVE“Elliott’s voice impressed me immensely, except he looks like he is Amish. He needs to lose the beard or grow one. He needs a mustache and lose the beard. Ace does not impress me at all and I disagree with Simon immensely when he says that he has the illusive “it,” unless he is talking about the pretty factor. At the risk of sounding redundant, Taylor has the most originality of anyone there. Unless Elliott comes up with something original, the girls (Lisa especially) just blow all the boys away.”    --Jim

ACING IT“I thought Ace was perfect in the song he chose to sing, and those looks—wow!! Every girl in America probably thought he was singing directly to her!”    --Anonymous

PARIS FOREVER“I noticed somebody said that Paris should go because of the way she talks. I predict that Paris will at least be in the top three if not the winner. She is an awesome singer and has a great stage presence. I also noticed somebody saying they didn’t like Simon. If you look back on most of the seasons. America voted how Simon predicted. Also i tend to agree with most of what Simon says. Don’t punish him for being honest!”    --Melissa

GRECIAN FORMULA?“I think Taylor should darken his hair. He [is] just too old compared to the rest of the Idol group.”    --Jill

A KEVIN FAN“Kevin Covais has my vote for favorite American Idol! He sounds so awesome!”    --Terri

TOO SAFE“Well Heather certainly proved something last night- that you can sing it safe and still get through. All I can say is that she better impress me next week with some actual singing or I will start calling her a fake that shouldn’t be in the competition.”    --Racquel

ISSUES“I suppose I’m one of only few that AREN’T following American Idol? Who cares? There are bigger issues in the world to worry about.”    --Jimm

SINGING VS. SKATING“I watched the Olympics SO THERE.”    --Susan