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Ousted ‘Idol’ Tim Urban in a toothpaste ad?

The always-smiling Urban said that while music is his first love, he can imagine another entertainment career.
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With all the excitement that surrounded “Idol Gives Back” and the Crystal Bowersox-Ryan Seacrest drama, it’s easy to forget that there was someone voted off of “American Idol” last week.

The always-grinning Tim Urban was sent home, but he has no plans to stay out of the public eye for long. Obviously, he’ll be touring with his fellow top 10 finalists this summer, but Urban isn’t ruling out an acting career.

During a conference call April 22, the morning after he was ousted from competition, Urban said that while music is his first love, he can imagine another entertainment career.

“You know, I would love to do music,” Urban said. “I would love to pursue that, and I’m hoping that that door opens up, but I also have always had a desire to act, and to just be in that side of the entertainment industry, as well. So I would be really excited if I got the opportunity to do that, as well.”

And then there’s that smile Simon Cowell liked to tease Urban about. Could a toothpaste endorsement be in his future? Sounds like Urban isn’t ruling out any opportunities, should they come his way.

“At this point, I haven’t (been contacted), but who knows?” he said. “It would be kind of entertaining. I’d love to do that in the future; that would be a lot of fun.”

Heidi’s hamburger woesHeidi Montag’s spate of cosmetic surgeries has left her unable to hug, she can’t comfortably run, and now she reveals another hardship: she can’t easily chew hamburger meat.

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Celebrity Sightings

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In a scene from Tuesday’s season premiere of “The Hills,” Montag and her family, together at dinner, discuss her decision to undergo so much cosmetic work. She tells her mother that she had the surgeries because she “wanted to be happier.”

Her mom suggests the she deal with her insecurities on “a psychological level,” and when there’s an awkward pause in the conversation, Montag attempts to chew a forkful of hamburger.

“How’s that burger?” Heidi’s sister asks.

“I can’t really chew it,” is Heidi’s response.

‘Dragon’ soars at box office“The Back-up Plan” truly was the back up plan for many filmgoers: the Jennifer Lopez film came in No. 2 at the box office this weekend, making only $12.2 million.

Considering the film had a production budget in the neighborhood of $35 million, it's got a long way to go before it can be considered a success.

The No. 1 spot, as predicted, went to “How To Train Your Dragon,” which made another $15 million. In the four weeks it's been out, the 3-D film has made $355 million.

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