Our 13 favorite moments from Hoda's 50th birthday celebration

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Hoda has had one heck of a week leading up to her 50th birthday. 

Hoda got to sing back-up for Kenny Loggins, she took us with her on her medical check-up and even talked about what happens in the bedroom after 50.

Before the Fourth Hour, Savannah, Carson, Natalie, Al and Tamron surprised her with a three-layer birthday cake whipped up by baked Karen Tack, the cake aficionado behind the Hello, Cupcake! blog and book.  

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The first layer featured two of Hoda’s favorite things: her dog, Blake, and the beach; the second layer featured a guitar and musical notes, in honor of Hoda learning to play guitar; and the third layer featured delicious baklava created by Hoda’s mom Sami. While the cake took a pro to make, you can make Sami’s mouthwatering baklava at home with this expert recipe.  

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During the birthday celebration with her pal Kathie Lee, she was treated like a queen and had surprise after surprise after surprise!

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"Grandma's arrived!" She exclaimed while getting a lift to Studio 1A in a 1964 Ford Mustang convertible.

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Hoda's driver was no ordinary guy. It was the suave Dean Cain who has a history of charming our girl.

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Not to be upstaged by Superman, Blake Shelton dropped by, too. Well, kinda.

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Throwing down some beats for the big show was one of Hoda's favorite DJs: Lil Jon! 


"This is part of my dream right here," an excited Hoda exclaimed. 

It only took a few sips of birthday champagne with her pal Kathie Lee....


...before Hoda hopped out of her seat to bust a few club-style moves while Lil Jon blasted Pharrell's hit tune "Happy." 


She got some hilarious advice from three comedians including Judy Gold, reminding her of one of the perils of turning the big 5-0.

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Hoda proclaimed the fall fashion segment was the "best one ever!"


Because her good friends Jennifer Miller and Jane Lorenzini walked on as models to surprise her.


Country crooner Paul Sikes serenaded her with his new song "Jackhammer."

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The show ended with Hoda surrounded by her loving TODAY family...

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...who toasted her while she blew out her candles and wished for good health in the next year.


"I do a lot of things that are okay in my life, but I do one thing very well: I pick good friends," she said while getting a little misty. 

Cheers Hoda! We love you!

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