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Oscar or not, Rourke remains talk of Hollywood

Mickey Rourke might not have won the Best Actor statue, but the actor was still the talk of the town after the awards show. The subject, however, was his next role.
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Mickey Rourke might not have won the Best Actor statue, but the actor was still the talk of the town after the awards show. The subject, however, was his next role.

According to some Hollywood insiders, Rourke is on a very short list for a lead role in “Iron Man 2.” “He's proven himself a sentimental favorite, which will be good for the box office, and it's a little-known fact that he trains with a martial arts master in L.A.” said one source.

Another person who has trained with Rourke said, “Mickey often credits martial arts with saving his life. He's made it clear that getting to act in a film that channels this would be phenomenal for him. He's said he'd definitely do the film.”

No Brangelina tensionThe possible red-carpet showdown between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston was a complete non-issue according to show organizers.

“I think it's safe to say that everyone involved has moved on. It wasn't even really a topic of conversation,” said one source when asked about coordinating Aniston's appearance as a presenter.

Anyone watching the broadcast did, however, notice that the camera cut to Pitt and Jolie several times during Aniston's presentation of the animation awards alongside Jack Black. "Of course they (the producers) were going to cut to Brad and Angie. We did need ratings, after all," said the source.

Dustin Lance Black, best winner everWhen Dustin Lance Black won the best original screenplay Oscar for “Milk,” everyone who had seen his acceptance speech at IFC's Independent Spirit Awards knew what the audience was in for: A speech that was both appreciative and sent a message.

One Academy voter said that he didn't know Black going into the show, but “the fact that he was able to toe the line and speak about equal rights during his speech without getting cut off, without angering anyone, and all the while being eloquent while still being filled with emotion basically seals his fate in this town. As if ‘Milk’ didn't speak for itself, that speech ensured he'll be a success for years to come.”

Red carpet has some designers worriedInitially many people scoffed at the Oscar producers' efforts to minimize the importance of the red carpet; post-broadcast, those same people, most of them designers, are now worried.

“The red carpet is the place where we get some of our best free advertising of the year,” said one influential designer. “This year, not only did so many celebrities not get time on the carpet, but many who did didn't say who they were wearing. It's a shift in attitude for sure.”

Not to worry though: lack of mentions won't have an impact on glamour. “We'll still dress people, of course, but the old publicity model will have to chance,” said the designer.

And speaking of designers, special thank to those who helped Scoop over the weekend. Nicola Fenetti outfitted me Oscar night, the Albright Fashion Library put together my Independent Spirit Award looks, and Birks diamonds — couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to all!

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