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Osbourne keeps firing insults at Madonna

Sharon Osbourne is stepping up her attack on Madonna.
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Sharon Osbourne is stepping up her attack on Madonna.

The rocker’s wife — who last month said that she would — has launched an obscenity-laced tirade against the pop star, blasting her for switching back and forth between being a religious proselytizer and a sexpot.

“It’s like dressing up with [Madonna]. One day you’re in [bleeping] gun gear, then you’re in horsing gear, then you dress like a [bleeping] dyke, then you dress like a hooker, then you’re in a flowery dress reading kids’ poetry looking like a [bleeping] librarian — then you’re back looking like an old hooker again,” Osbourne told the British mag Word, according to leaked reports.

Osbourne also took shots at Madonna’s best-selling series of children’s books. “And writing those painful silly books and reading them to your kids!” she said. “If my mum came to me with a book like that I’d say, [bleeping] stick it up your [bleep.]. [Bleeping] English Roses. [Bleep].”

Regarding Osbourne’s earlier attack on Madonna, the singer’s spokeswoman told The Scoop, “[I] have no idea why Sharon Osbourne finds Madonna loathsome because she has found a form of spirituality which she has studied seriously for ten years and that gives her serenity in her life.”

Baby weight? What baby weight?Catherine Zeta-Jones is blasting the “scary’ trend of skinny women in Hollywood.

While promoting “The Legend of Zorro” in Brazil, Zeta-Jones told reporters how she got back into shape after having children.

“My muscles have memory from the time I danced, and it’s quick for me to get back in shape, but I’m not fanatical,” she said, reports our translator. “I grew up with dancers, anorexia and other disorders were common, so I learned how to deal with [diets] without losing my limit. I think it’s awful, this competition in the U.S. between actresses who just had a baby, to see who’s first to get back to their normal weight. It’s insane. I find this wave of super-skinny women scary.”

She also told how she deals with people flirting with her hubby Michael Douglas. “I was never a jealous woman, and if I were, I’d never tell a reporter!” she said. “I never had a fight over jealousy and regarding Michael, if a man looks at him, I’ll be angry, but if it’s a woman it’s better for me because with her, I’ll solve the problem with a sword”

Notes from all overDespite reports that the operator of ScienTOMogy, a Web site mocking Tom Cruise and Scientology, is caving into lawyers for the religion and changing the name of his site, he insists he’s holding fast. “I’m calling your bluff,” he’s saying, according to “File your lawsuit, we’re keeping our domain... see you in court.”  . .  .  Kenny Chesney says that he doesn’t regret his marriage to Renée Zellweger, even though it lasted only a month, and that they’re still good friends.   . . . When told that Paris Hilton enjoyed the book, “The Starter Wife,” author Gigi Levangie Grazer — wife of director Brian Grazer — quipped, “Who read it to her?”

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