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Osbourne daughter defends dad

Aimee Osbourne — the so-called “silent” member of the rocking reality TV family — is speaking out. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Aimee Osbourne — the so-called “silent” member of the rocking reality TV family — is speaking out. And she’s not happy. Ozzy Osbourne’s eldest daughter is complaining that MTV execs have made her father a “laughingstock.” Aimee’s complaints, says a source, have infuriated some execs at MTV.

Aimee is saying that she warned her mother, Sharon Osbourne, against appearing in the reality show, and now is complaining that her worst fears have come true.

“The first time I saw it and the way they edited it to make my dad look like a clown, I wanted to cry,” Aimee said, according to reports in the U.K., where the Osbournes’ new book, “Ordinary People,” has been excerpted. “Now he is a laughingstock and known as a stuttering alcoholic. After all his years of hard work and touring, this is how he’s being remembered and appreciated.”

When called for comment, an MTV spokesman at first reacted with outrage. He called back, however, saying that he had no comment on Aimee’s comments.

Harry Potter controversy
Children aren’t the only ones who love Harry Potter.

The members of NAMBLA are big fans, too — and a long article touted on the home page of the controversial group’s Web site puts forth the argument that the boy wizard is gay.

“Of course Harry is gay,” argues a quasi-academic essay there, which comes complete with 55 footnotes. “He grew up in a closet under the stairs. . . . At school Harry learns to fly, and meets the lovely red-headed Ron Weasley; fairy-boy and tight companion.”

The essay draws on historic and literary references, comparing, for example, Potter’s story with Orestes of Greek mythology. “Orestes, like Harry, was born at Lammas, sent away to be reared by relatives, had a lightening-flash birthmark on his forehead, caused the death of his parents, fought unending magic battles, had a marriage of convenience with Hermione, and was life-long lover of his childhood boyfriend Pylades. In ancient times the Orestes-Pylades story was regarded as the paradigm of masculine love, they were the perfect poofs, and given the continuing coincidence with Harry’s story [author] J.K. Rowling cannot be ignorant of this.”

A spokeswoman for Harry Potter’s publisher did not return calls for comment.

Michael Jackson fans are planning to descend on Santa Barbara for a Jan. 9 hearing, but organizers are urging fans not to stay in the city. Seems they don’t want to bring extra tourist dollars to the city that brought charges against their idol. . . . Penelope Cruz revealed that Tom Cruise calls her “Lupe” — Italian for wolf. “It’s personal,” Cruz said. “It’s his little name for me.” The Scoop will refrain from speculating.

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