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'Orange Is the New Black' stars talk binge watching and Larry hating

The second season of "Orange Is the New Black" just came out Friday, and by Saturday morning, plenty of binge-watching fans were already caught up on the penitentiary dramedy. That kind of devotion has one star of the show a little concerned. 



"I don't want people to fail or not fulfill their potential scholastically because of our show!" leading lady Taylor Schilling told TODAY's Savannah Guthrie Tuesday morning.

But one of Schilling's co-stars doesn't share that sympathy.

"I really don't care about people's education, as long as they are watching our show — or any show on Netflix obviously, but mostly our show," Jason Biggs joked.

Harsh! But Biggs, who plays Larry — the man Schilling's character, Piper, left behind — is used to being seen as the baddie of the bunch. Larry might not be true a villain, but as far as viewers are concerned, he might as well be.







Biggs believes his bad rap is really just a case of coming off bad by comparison.

"The women are so incredibly sympathetic," the actor explained. "You know, these ladies are so incredible, and Taylor does such an amazing job, and people really root for Piper. And so when Larry does these things — makes these decisions that are somewhat questionable, even though I personally see them as him trying to take care of himself given the circumstances — people are not thrilled with him. He's kind of a polarizing guy."

To say the least. Yet somehow Laura Prepon's real villain, Alex, seems far less polarizing. In fact, many fans were sad to see so little of her in season two. For them, there's good news: She'll be in every episode of season three, and filming is already underway.

"I'm really excited 'cause I missed everybody so much during season two," Prepon said.

The next season will see more of all the regulars, including Uzo Aduba's Crazy Eyes, who was never meant to be a regular on the series at all.

"I was only supposes to do two episodes and maybe a third," Aduba shared on TODAY. "I remember walking back with one of our producers ... and she said, 'We're going to use you more.' And I'm like, 'Amazing! I'm going to get to do that third episode.'"

And then some!

Season two of "Orange is the New Black" is now available on Netflix. 

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