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Who's hugging whom? The latest optical illusion has us scratching our heads

Wait, what’s going on in this picture?
/ Source: TODAY

It’s the latest optical illusion to confuse and divide the internet.

In the viral photo, shared by Twitter user Charles Joseph, a man and a woman are hugging. Simple, right? But the caption complicates everything.

At first glance, many people swore the man was the person wearing white pants and heels — and it does look like he’s the one standing and leaning over to hug the woman in the chair.

But a closer look reveals that it’s the other way around. The man is the one sitting in the chair, wearing a magenta shirt. A woman with long hair is standing over him, resting her head on his left shoulder.

One Twitter user made this helpful, annotated version for everyone struggling to figure out the maddening illusion.

The viral photo, which has been liked and retweeted more than 140,000 times, came about by accident, according to Charles Joseph, who posted the tweet.

“An ex-employee … took the picture with a coworker and it ended up being an optical illusion,” he told TODAY via Twitter. “It was done by mistake.”

Mistake or not, the photo inspired plenty of strong reactions on social media, ranging from deep confusion to frustration.

"How is he not wearing heels?” one user tweeted, while another person simply declared, “I hate this picture.”

Who knows whether this tricky photo will join the ranks of The Dress — or the audio clip headache that was Laurel vs. Yanny — but it’s safe to say that anyone who sees it will do a major double-take!