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Oprah Winfrey scolds Lindsay Lohan in docuseries: 'You need to cut the %#*@' 

When Lindsay Lohan emerged from rehab last year, Oprah Winfrey took the actress under her wing, and the pair planned a documentary series in which Winfrey's OWN crew would capture Lohan's road to recovery. This meant a chance for the young actress to redeem herself in the public eye. 

Now, the docuseries "Lindsay" is set to air, and based on the first-look video, it seems there's still plenty of chaos to go around.

In the clip, a frustrated Winfrey sits down with Lohan and gives it to her straight. "I really do want you to win. I really do," she says. "If that isn't what you want, I'm OK with that. You know, I will tell (the crew) to pack up and leave today. ... You need to cut the (expletive). You really do."

On TODAY Wednesday, Matt Lauer noted about the expletive, "If Oprah tells you to cut the boop, you better cut the boop."

How did Lohan earn the wrath of the Queen of Daytime? The actress talks a good game, insisting in the video, "It's good, good, good, good, good and then there's that thing in my head where it's like, 'Ah! Time to sabotage.'" 

She's also shown sitting on the floor, sifting through a strewn-around pile of items, acknowledging that she feels like a prisoner, but that's not the only hint that all is still not right in her world. A man identified as her sober coach is asked if the star is sober, and he hesitates. 

The crew also reveals to Oprah some of the filming issues caused by Lohan, including getting locked out of her apartment, unexpectedly changing things daily, not following agreed-on rules, refusing to participate and not committing to scheduled shoots.

"This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen, and I believed differently," says Winfrey in response. "She doesn't understand: This is your life."

"Lindsay" airs on OWN Sunday at 10 p.m.