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Oprah leaves boyfriend Stedman out of her will

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Fearing that her estimated $2 billion fortune would be squandered in the event of her untimely passing, Oprah Winfrey’s leaving nothing to chance. The talk-show titan recently prepared her will, and according to the National Enquirer, she’s left a significant someone out of it completely.

Charities and yet-to-be adopted children stand to benefit the most from the enormous estate, while Stedman Graham, O’s partner for the last 21 years, allegedly won’t see a dime.

Someday, Oprah plans to adopt three daughters and raise them alone, an insider told the Enquirer. “It’s something she has always wanted to do,” said the source. “There’s no talk of her adopting the children with Stedman — this is something she’s going to do by herself.”

While Oprah sees to the girls’ future, Stedman must live out his days eking by on his own substantially smaller fortune earned from his career as a best-selling author and motivational speaker.

Jen’s famous friends play matchmaker You know things are looking bad when your celebrity friends start setting you up. Such is the case for Jennifer Aniston, according to OK!

The magazine reports BFF Courteney Cox and her hubby, David Arquette, along with Ben Stiller and his wife, Christine Taylor, and even Lance Armstrong dumpee Sheryl Crow are combing their connections to rope a man for Jen.

“We all love Jen so much,” one of her A-list friends revealed to OK! “She has so much to offer a man and she would make such a good partner, if only we could find her the perfect guy.”

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The famous pal (who wished to remain anonymous) notes that while poor Jen “has met some great guys” recently, “she just hasn't found Mr. Right.” OK! claims that everyone’s favorite “Friend” hasn't had a real relationship since British model Paul Sculfor, which ended months ago. What’s more, she’s simply not making the effort.

“Jen isn't doing what she needs to do to meet eligible men,” the source complained. “You can't just sit at home alone at night hoping the right man will knock on your door, because that isn't going to happen.”

Kevin Spacey mystery solved!
Great news, everyone! All those sleepless nights lying awake, wondering what the heck happened to Kevin Spacey are finally over. Showbiz Spy reports that the Oscar-winning actor has been in London playing artistic director at the Old Vic Theatre since 2003.

“When I got to the end of my 12 years focusing on film, I thought what else am I supposed to do now?” Kevin said, explaining his career change. “Am I just supposed to keep making movie after movie after movie and try to top myself?”

Kevin stumbled upon the decrepit Old Vic while attending a film premiere. Recalling his formative years treading the boards (and perhaps dreading another “K-PAX”), the actor realized that helping reclaim the once-vital theater was his destiny.

“This is more than a job for me because I’m finally doing something that is outside of my own career and bigger than myself and I’m able to see the effects it has on people’s lives every single day and you just don’t have that experience in film,” Kevin said.

Dish on the fly Her bun’s still in the oven, but Halle Berry’s already planning her first post-pregnancy pig out, reports In Touch. One of the actress’s favorite dishes — sushi — is off the menu with a baby on board. Arrangements are in the works to ensure her birthing suite is stocked with the currently forbidden food. “Halle wants a spicy tuna roll in the worst way,” her pal told the magazine. … Now you see it, now you don’t. Eagle-eyed newshounds at the Sun noticed soccer stud David Beckham appears to be significantly less bulgy in his latest ads for Emporio Armani underwear. Hmmm.

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