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Oprah invites Letterman to be guest on her show

Daytime talk queen extends olive branch after late-night host's pleas
/ Source: The Associated Press

The “Super Bowl of Love” will go on after all: Oprah Winfrey has invited David Letterman to be a guest on her show.

Letterman had been begging Winfrey to appear on the CBS “Late Show,” which she said she wouldn’t do again because she felt uncomfortable during her previous two appearances.

Now, in an apparent attempt at resolving their public feud, Winfrey has asked him to appear on her syndicated daytime program.

“What we’re hearing now is that Oprah no longer hates me,” Letterman said on Friday's episode. “And what we’re hearing now — and while I’m gratified on the one hand, I’m a little concerned about this — we’re hearing that Oprah is actually inviting me to appear on her show.”

A spokeswoman for Winfrey’s show confirmed Friday that the talk show host had extended an invitation to Letterman, but could provide no further details.

Letterman joked that he’d “break down and sob like a little girl” once he got to her Chicago studio, which his bandleader, Paul Shaffer, said would be appropriate behavior.

“You’ll see the big advertisements for the ‘Late Show Super Bowl of Love.’ And Dr. Phil will come out first and straighten me out, because the problem is me,” Letterman said, referring to Winfrey’s protege, Dr. Phil McGraw. “And then, when he feels it’s safe, Oprah will come out. ...”

“And then the love will explode. And at the end of the show, Oprah and I will go downstage, the audience will have flowers for us. Oprah and I will embrace. Oprah and I will kiss.”

Winfrey already has sent Letterman a tub of children’s books to celebrate the recent birth of his first baby.