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Oprah ends three weeks of vegan eating

Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey lived as a vegan for three weeks, following a cleansing process based on the book "Quantum Wellness."
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Oprah Winfrey has finished her “Quantum” leap.

The media mogul just concluded a 21-day vegan cleansing process based on Kathy Freston’s book, “Quantum Wellness,” which counsels the avoidance of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten or animal products.

Changing her usual diet proved to be an educational process for Winfrey, who took to her blog to share her experience.

“Tomorrow is another day. That’s my mantra for now,” she wrote on her last day, when she ate a large baked potato and green salad for dinner.

Minus some olive oil, Oprah noted all of the ingredients were grown in her garden.

“I was raised by a grandmother who grew and harvested everything,” she wrote.

Beyond the health benefits, Winfrey notes that her “Quantum” stint made her more aware of the world’s food problems.“I will forever be a more cautious and conscious eater. That’s my commitment for now,” she wrote. “To stay awakened.”