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By By Jeannette Walls

Britney Spears is covering all her religious bases.

The singer — who was raised a Baptist and has famously studied Kabbalah, a branch of Jewish mysticism — now is apparently dabbling in Hinduism.

The “Oops, I Did It Again” crooner was spotted at a Hindu temple in Malibu, where she reportedly was getting a blessing for her baby son, Sean Preston.

“Apparently, Ms. Spears can’t make up her mind which tune to dance to,” Rick Ross of tells The Scoop. “I’m sure her mentor [and Kabbalah enthusiast] Madonna will not be amused.”

She loves the nightlifeLindsay Lohan is partying heartily again — but her mother insists there’s nothing to worry about. Less than a week after she was released from a hospital, the “Mean Girls” star was spotted smoking and drinking — reportedly tequila-based Kamikazes — and dancing the night away.

But her mother, Dina Lohan, told the Star that her daughter doesn’t have a drug or drinking problem. She is, however, working on her cigarette problem.

“She smokes under a pack a day,” Dina Lohan told the tab. “She’s addicted. The doctor put her on an anti-smoking pill. God willing, it will work within a month.” She balked at the suggestion that her daughter needs an intervention, insisting that “Lindsay is completely fine.”

She does, however, admit that the star needs to avoid cats and dogs, explaining, “Lindsay’s on Advair [asthma medication].  She can’t be around dogs and cats and certain foods. And when you’re 19, you don’t deal with that.  I’m her mother and I tell her, ‘You have to stick to it.’”

Notes from all overMichael Chiklis didn’t enjoy getting dressed for his role as The Thing in “The Fantastic Four.” “It was the seventh circle of Hell,” the actor told Stuff magazine. “It sucked every minute I had it on. It was completely burying yourself in plaster. The first day they put it on me, it took five and a half hours, and I had a little bit of a panic attack.” . . . Sharon Stone’s rep is dismissing rumors that the “Basic Instinct” star is dating Vanessa Williams’ ex, Rick Fox.  . . .The one time that Joaquin Phoenix met Johnny Cash — whom he played in “Walk the Line” — the singer spent some time impersonating Phoenix. Cash told the actor he was a fan of the movie "Gladiator" and recited Phoenix’s lines as the character Commodus back to him. “He told me he had seen [“Gladiator”] three times, and he seemed to have really got into it, which was very flattering,” Phoenix told the Scottish Daily Record. “Then he started quoting lines and he did a pretty good impression. He went for ‘Your son squealed like a girl and your wife was moaning like a whore.’ So, one of my cruelest bits of dialogue, one of the darkest, most sinister things a character could say, and he was like, ‘That’s my favorite part. I really love that part.’”

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