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Oops! Martha Stewart calls Jay Leno 'Dave' during 'Tonight Show' visit


If you've ever felt like you just cannot live up to the paragon of perfection that is Martha Stewart, take heart! Even she can make a mistake -- at least a little one.

On Tuesday night's "Tonight Show With Jay Leno," Stewart stopped by to talk about her current love-match search, which TODAY viewers know all about, when she suddenly found herself in a late-night flub.

"Some (men) seem more sexy than others, like before the show," Stewart said, gesturing to Leno, "I saw Dave in his… Did I say Dave?"


"You said Dave," Leno confirmed, taking the apparent mix up for "The Late Show's" David Letterman in stride. "Oh, that's all right! Many times women call out the wrong name."

Stewart covered her face out of embarrassment, while Leno got a good laugh. But it was Stewart's fellow guest, comedienne Wanda Sykes, who got the last laugh.

"Don't feel bad," she told Leno. "She called me Oprah!"