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Oops! KLG accidentally shares daughter's phone number on TV

Oh, moms. They always mean well, but sometimes they embarrass us. Like when they lick their fingers to try to get jam off of our faces, or share our cell phone numbers on live national TV.

That's what happened Monday when KLG took a call from Cassidy on the air. She turned the phone towards the cameras so Cass could "say hi," and inadvertently showed everybody the number on the screen. Face palm!

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Because people are huge weirdos, many of them took the opportunity to call poor Cass, who was none too pleased. Luckily, Kathie Lee said it only took about an hour to get a new phone number, and only a few more for her daughter to forgive her.

"About six o'clock, I was out of the doghouse," sighed Kathie Lee.

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And thankfully, Cassidy reports that the new phone number is better and easier to remember, so KLG's technophobia hasn't completely undone her... this time.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor whose parents have never embarrassed her, ever, on opposite day, all the time, forever.

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