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Oops! Fan wearing baseball star's shirt walks right by him

This weekend, former Major League Baseball pitcher Roy Halladay proved that our heroes walk among us — even if we don't always recognize them.



In a photo that the eight-time All-Star posted Sunday to Twitter, Halladay secretly poses with a fan who happened to be wearing a T-shirt with his name on it after the fan walked right by the baseball player at an amusement park. Halladay, in plain clothes, smiles and offers a thumbs-up with one hand while pointing to the fan, whose back not only faces the camera but also sports Halladay's last name.

"[Oops], you missed me!" Halladay tweeted. "Walked right by me! Hope he gets to see his pic with me on Twitter, he doesn't know we took this." As of Monday, there was no public sign that Halladay's mystery fan realized what he'd missed. 

Halladay isn't the first professional baseball player to be overlooked while out and about. In a hilarious bit airing on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" in 2013, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey interviewed fans who didn't recognize him out of uniform.

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