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One 'Real Housewives' husband slams the show's stars

Forget the occasional on-air insult slinging that goes on between the women of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” For some absolute low blows, just listen to what one of the “Real” husbands has to say.

Cynthia Bailey’s other half, the always outspoken Peter Thomas, held nothing back in a recent curse-filled interview with UPTOWN magazine.

“I say anything I f---ing feel, because I don’t feel I need to answer to anybody but God,” Thomas said at the beginning of his epic “Real Housewives” rant. “People are going on (Bravo exec) Andy Cohen’s (reunion) show and being all careful — I don’t give a f---. If they ever put me on that sh--, I’m gonna say exactly how I feel, and that’s what people wanna hear. If he asks, ‘What do you think about the guys in Atlanta wearing heels?’ I’m gonna say, ‘That sh-- is not cute.’”

Of course, that's not likely to be Cohen’s first question.

“If they say, ‘What do you think about the other Housewives?’ I’m gonna say, ‘I can’t stand Phaedra’s ass. I think Kim is crazy as f---. Nene has a big-ass mouth, OK? And Sheree’s not cute! She thinks she’s cute, but she’s not cute.’ And this is ON the record. The only one I like is Kandi, and she’s too soft. That’s why she got played with Kim. And that’s how I truly feel.”

Here’s hoping Thomas got that reunion invite.

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