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One 'Loser' goes home with nothing left to lose

It's red vs. black no more as the players become Team Blue and work together toward a group goal that will keep them all on the ranch. But one contestant was already on her way out.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Before this week’s action got under way, members of “The Biggest Loser” teams learned they’d soon be sporting a new hue. At the beginning of the season, they made up multicolored pairs, then they were red and black rivals, and now they’re one big blue family.

To cement their new monochromatic bond, the blues were offered a chance for a fret-free week — all the bunch had to do was match the 64 pounds they collectively lost last week. A repeat on the scales would be worth immunity for all. Not a bad way to bury the hatchet on the old “them vs. us” mentality.

The group goal even worked. Sort of.

As far as the weekly challenge was concerned, the all-for-one, one-for-all ambition was a big success. Working together, everyone did their part to win a remarkably difficult trivia contest. Of course, it wasn’t the typical take on trivia. The questions were easy enough, but each one was tied to a rope and buried deep in the sand. Ultimately those queries led Team Blue to a 5 pound advantage at the weigh in.

Which brings us to the less successful part of the group effort — the results on the scales. With a revised total of 59 pounds needed, the remaining 12 members managed to lose only a total of 49 pounds. Elimination was back on the table.

The yellow line determined that Marci and Kaylee were on the chopping block. Marci weighed in the same as last week, while Kaylee actually gained two pounds.

Normally that would mean an end to the week of back patting and getting along, as the former red and black players worked to keep their old alliance members around. But not this time. Instead, mom Marci had the perfect opportunity to keep her promise to drop out of the game before seeing one of the “kids” go. In fact, an earlier revelation from “Loser” doctor Rob Huizenga made Marci’s decision even easier.

As it turned out, just 11 weeks into the game Marci had already reached her ideal weight of 162 pounds. With nothing left to lose, she decided the time was right to go home and learn how to maintain her success.

Ree Hines was a little surprised when Marci volunteered to leave. Call her reality TV jaded, but Ree didn’t really buy all that self-sacrifice talk until Tuesday night. Follow on Twitter and tell her what you thought of Mama Marci’s big gesture.