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One 'Loser' gains pounds, others gain love

Trae Patton / NBC / Today

With Halloween just around the corner, “The Biggest Loser” gang celebrated with sweet temptations, romantic relations and one scary weigh-in Tuesday night.

Host Alison Sweeney kicked off the episode by handing over a 10-pound trick-or-treat candy cauldron to the weight-loss contenders. The treat was that for every pound they consumed, they’d earn a pound advantage on the scale. The trick? The advantage would be applied to everyone. That’s because it was team-free all-for-one week and in order to avoid giving someone the boot, the contestants had to lose a total of 100 pounds all together.

While some players weren’t so happy about the one big family approach — namely Jennifer, who simply can’t get her workout on without her black team trainer, Bob Harper — others saw the wisdom of the united way, such as the dwindling blues, Becky and Bonnie.

As for the red team, well, two of their ranks were already embracing a more inclusive atmosphere on the ranch. It seems somewhere between kettlebell swings and sit-ups, Ramon and Jessica found love. Aw.

Then again, maybe not aw. Flashback to earlier season, and one might recall that Jessica just ended a relationship that she felt was tied in to her past weight gain. Is it really such a good idea for her to fall head over heels for another guy while she’s trying to get her life back on track? Trainer Anna Kournikova wasn’t so sure, but Jessica and Ramon were too caught up in their newfound love life to care.

As for that candy-coated temptation, no one bit. It was a great sign of focus and solidarity, but with each player hoping to drop around 10 pounds — well, 9 pounds after a challenge win — focus and solidarity didn’t help them at the weigh-in.

Overall, most players just didn’t see big losses on the scale — some could blame that on the big losses they had last week. But according to Anna, a couple of players might blame their weak week on romance.

“This is what I have to say about that,” Ramon began, feeling more than a little defensive. “I’m probably more tightened up than ever. Usually, I’m jacking around with Patrick and Vinny, and messing around with the guys all damn day. This girl’s got me doing crap I wouldn’t even think about doing.”

Talk about an inspiration.

“Just because we’ve been outed on a relationship does not mean that my number reflects what he showed this week or vice versa,” Jessica said, backing up her man. “It has nothing whatsoever to do with who is hanging out with who.”

Meh. Maybe they’re on to something. Supporting the love birds' theory is the fact that Sunny had one rough week without so much as a single smooch. In fact, Sunny somehow packed on 5 pounds.

Short of the team goal, the whole group gathered together to vote one player out. But neither romance nor weight gain factored into the decision. Instead, the Bob-loving and somewhat whiney Jennifer was sent packing — a trick for her, but a treat for the others.

What did you think of the "Loser" action this week? Is on-ranch romance a good idea for Ramon and Jessica? Did the right player go home? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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