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'One Life to Live' ends its 43-year run

Lou Rocco / ABC / Today
The final scenes of ABC's "One Life to Live" will air Friday afternoon.

After 43 years of daytime drama, "One Life to Live" will live no more once Friday's final episode airs.

The end of the soap opera marks the end of a series of ups and downs for fans of the Lord family saga. In April of 2011, viewers first learned that "One Life to Live," along with its network companion "All My Children," would soon be no more. But then there was hope. Prospect Park promised to bring shows back to life online. Unfortunately for the soaps' faithful followers, the plan didn't pan out.

"All My Children" viewers said farewell to Erica Kane and the gang in September. Now it's time for "Life'ers" to say so long to Viki Lord (or Victoria Lord-Gordon-Riley-Burke-Riley-Buchanan- Buchanan-Carpenter-Davidson-Banks, as some might prefer to think of her) and the rest of Llanview's residents.

It's been a wild ride, complete with births, deaths, post-death revivals, a whole lot of marriages and even some time travel, and while "Life" may be over, the memories will remain with fans.

So tell us, which of those memories are your favorites? And which characters will you miss the most? Share all of your "One Life to Live" thoughts on our Facebook page.

The final episode of the soap airs Friday, Jan. 13 at 2 p.m. ET on ABC.


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