One 'Dancing' contestant just couldn't hold on

Despite displaying a lot of ballroom potential, singer Chynna Phillips and pro partner Tony Dovolani were eliminated after she forgot the steps to her tango on Monday night.
Despite displaying a lot of ballroom potential, singer Chynna Phillips and pro partner Tony Dovolani were eliminated after she forgot the steps to her tango on Monday night.Adam Taylor / ABC / Today
By Anna Chan, TODAY

In the ballroom, all it takes is one off night to crush all hope of attaining the coveted mirror ball trophy. 

It was a lesson that Chynna Phillips learned the hard way after being eliminated on Tuesday night during week four of the competition.  The singer from the popular '90s group Wilson Phillips had been riding high near the top of the leaderboard since season 13 kicked off, but after forgetting her routine on Monday’s performance show, it was lights out for her chances at ballroom glory.

“I blanked. I knew that routine. I just blanked,” Chynna said of her disastrous tango to the “Mission: Impossible” theme. And after she learned her fate, the singer kept her composure, just as she did after her flubbed performance.

“I’m disappointed. I’m sad. But I have to take responsibility,” said the singer. “I messed up.” She also praised pro partner Tony Dovolani for being there for her “100 percent … the entire way.”

Though her forgotten footwork was too much for many viewers to forgive, it seemed the judges wanted her to stick around. The trio on Monday gave her a set of 7s, a highly generous score considering just how flawed the performance was. But it was an understandable move. Phillips performed some seriously graceful and gorgeous – if incredibly slow – techniques during her time on “Dancing With the Stars.” She also showed incredible promise, which some of her fellow dancers are still lacking. (You know who I’m talking about.) Much like Kristin Cavallari’s exit last week, Chynna’s came a bit too soon, a sentiment that readers shared on Facebook.

“On Chynna Phillips’ worst day, she is 100% better than Chaz Bono, David Arquette, Nancy and Kardashian,” wrote reader Melody Jeffries Jones. “The good dancers (are) being eliminated. That is crazy.”

“Very, VERY wrong!!” agreed Arlene Jay. “The judges and America threw away the best dancer!! Nobody would have known that she forgot her routine if the judges had kept their mouths shut. … This is an injustice and a DISGRACE!!”

But it wasn’t all tears and sad faces (and there were plenty of them among the cast after the singer’s elimination) on results night. Fan favorite and former “Dancing” pro Julianne Hough returned to the ballroom to promote her new film, “Footloose.”

The blonde beauty first performed with co-star Kenny Wormald. She later brought the ballroom to its feet by doing an energetic dance with brother and “DWTS” pro, Derek.  “ I am so grateful to be here,” she told host Tom Bergeron after her performance. “This is my family, this is my home. Thank you so much for having me back on the show!”

And another bonus? The host (the best one on reality TV; take note, Emmys!) had her throw to commercial. Sure, Julianne read from the prompter, but she did it with pizzazz, spunk and ease. And she didn’t make any mistakes or trip over her words. (Unlike someone else.)

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