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'Once Upon a Time': Next stop, Neverland!

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Colin O'Donoghue as Hook on ABC's "Once Upon a Time."

"Once Upon a Time" is headed to Neverland!

At Sunday's PaleyFest panel, executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (aka "Lost" Boys themselves) dropped all manner of hints about where the series is headed this season and next.

For starters, they revealed the titles of season two's two-part finale: "Second Star to the Right"/"Straight on 'Til Morning."

As J.M. Barrie wrote in "Peter Pan," "That, Peter had told Wendy, was the way to the Neverland; but even birds, carrying maps and consulting them at windy corners, could not have sighted it with these instructions."

Good thing Emma's baby daddy, Baelfire, knows how to sail a pirate ship, eh?

Bizarre Love Triangle: Bae/Neal might have a romantic rival in Hook. As Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, told The Clicker before taking the stage, "Emma's definitely intrigued by Hook -- he is a kindred spirit for sure. He's someone who will do whatever it takes to survive, the same way Emma has in her past. I think she relates to that and has some sort of respect for it. Even though he doesn't always have the best intentions, she's drawn to him and at least feels connected to him in that way."

Although many fans would approve of this, um, Hookup, don't count on the endorsement of Emma's parents.

"I don't think that we would be too keen on (her) being with someone who shared her baby daddy's mother's bed," Ginnifer Goodwin (Mary-Margaret/Snow) joked at the panel. Josh Dallas (Charming/David) was even more blunt, telling The Clicker, "He's a bit of a d----- bag -- (albeit) a good-looking one."

Besides Bae and Hook, producers say the finale will introduce at least one new character from Neverland, whom we won't actually meet until season three.

Recasting the Mad Hatter: Kitsis refuted rumors that another actor would be wearing the magic top hat, in "OUAT" or a possible spin-off. "We have no plans to recast anyone," he said, noting that actor Sebastian Stan is "a very busy man" so it's unclear when we'll see the return of Jefferson.

Snow Black: In next Sunday's episode, "The Miller's Daughter," Snow does something very, very bad, which will have grave repercussions not only on her relationship with Regina, but with her loved ones. Goodwin shared at the panel, "What she is going through is going to shake her self-identity."

And her relationship with Regina as well: Lana Parrilla cackled, "I get to dish it right back at her ... it's gonna get pretty intense. We're definitely going to see a different side from Mary-Margaret."

And when we asked Parrilla to rate Regina on a scale of 1 to pure evil, she revealed, "It's gonna be about a 14."

'80s Flashback: In March 17's "Welcome to Storybrooke," we're going back to 1983. Along with the return of the Huntsman (Jamie Dornan), dished Kitsis, "We are going to get more insight into what it was like that very first week in 1983 what was life like for the evil queen to live in -- and to figure out this modern clothing."

But Parrilla told The Clicker her request for crimped hair was shot down. "I always wanted a crimper when I was younger and my mother never got one. They're like, 'No, that's not happening!' "

The Trouble With Henry: Remember how the seer told Rumpelstilskin that a young boy would prove to be his undoing? "It's very interesting what happens with Gold and Henry," Robert Carlyle told The Clicker about the dark one's relationship with his grandson. "Henry's a problem to Gold -- a big problem. A massive problem. Henry's in danger!"   

But Horowitz teased at the panel, "Is undoing a bad thing?" Ooooh!  

"Racy Lacey": That's how Emilie de Ravin describes her Belle's alter ego in "Lacey." "You learn a lot about my character in episode 19," the actress told The Clicker. In addition to her iconic gold dress, she said, "You'll see a lot of back and forth and learn more about Rumpel-Belle in present day and their back story."

"She's the opposite of Belle," Kitsis said about Lacey. "Things are going to get very interesting for Mr. Gold!"

"Gold's desperate to try to get Belle back obviously and make that right," Carlyle told The Clicker. "He is very close to doing that when Regina really gets in the way. Badly. That really knocks it way, way, way back. And he's almost got to start again with her. It's a real game changer."

"It's just gonna get better and better," Dallas enthused to The Clicker. "This season is ramping up, and it's just gonna keep pushing the envelope. "It's going to go someplace where you don't expect it -- just like in season one.

"This entire run to the end are some of the strongest episodes we've done," added Kitsis and Horowitz. "It's really like a freight train. Gold brought magic in the beginning of the season, and we know magic always has a price. So the finale's about that price."

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