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Olympian Usain Bolt goes blond for laughs on 'Saturday Night Live'

Turns out Usain St. Leo Bolt can do even more than win Olympic gold medals. Saturday night, he made millions of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” viewers laugh in his very first cameo experience on the show. The Jamaican sprinter sported an amusing accent in a quick scene as one of the blonds in the returning soap opera spoof about California freeways, “The Californians.” (Check out his Instagram pix!)

Bolt also did a cameo during the cold open’s vice presidential debate skit, where he had a few hilarious moments as Congressman Paul Ryan's (an Eddie Munster-looking Taran Killam) running partner.

“Don’t let anyone tell you something is impossible,” stated Killam as Ryan. “Take it from me -- not only have I run a sub-three hour marathon and a sub-four minute mile, but just this summer, with very little training, I competed in and won the 100-meters at the London Olympics!”

Paul Ryan recently made news when it was reported that his athletic achievements were exaggerated, which is why in the “SNL” skit, Biden (played by Jason Sudeikis) countered, “Aw, that’s not true!”

Ryan (Killam) replied: “Yes it is true! If you don’t believe me, ask my running partner, Usain Bolt!”

Enter Bolt.

"Usain, please tell him who won the 100 meters!"

Bolt (in a blank, deadpan voice):  "I did."

Ryan then asked Bolt about his finish. "You didn't finish. You weren't even there!" Ryan thanks him and Usain gave a thumbs-up to the camera, much to the delight of the studio audience.

Another laugh-out-loud chuckle in the mock debate: Ryan (Killam) drinking water given to him from a hamster water bottle and being directed to not look directly at the camera since he was “frightening children.”

A nostalgic Christina Applegate returned to guest host the series, noting that the last time she had hosted the show was in 1993 -- “when she was 10!” It was also the same night asChris Farley’s “Matt Foley” character debuted, she noted.

Applegate showed a photo of her original skit with the dearly missed Farley (he passed away in 1997) and at the time, “SNL” member David Spade, along with a second photo of her from that 1993 show. “Here’s a photo of me not in costume -- somehow my outfit was worse than (Farley's)!” she quipped.

Another satirical tongue-firmly-in-cheek skit featured "Tech Talk," a talk show hosted by Applegate, where three geeky technological reps from the computer news service CNET, Wired magazine and Gizmodo were interviewed about everything they were not happy about with the new iPhone 5s. Namely, the mapping service does not work, the apps are too slow, the phone itself is too lightweight. They were then unexpectedly trapped, er joined, by three "peasant laborers" from the iPhone factory in China, who shared their perspective on their whining complaints.

Mr. Cho (Fred Armisen with a Chinese accent) notes, "Talk about Apple Maps. It no work, right? It take you to wrong place -- you want Starbucks and it takes you to Dunkin' Donuts. That must be so hard for you."

Adds another worker: "I guess we are just lucky. We don't need maps. We sleep where we work. But thank you for pointing out problem."

Asked if they would like to complain about a product made in America,  Mr. Cho said: "What does America make? Does diabetes count as a product? If not, we have to get back to you."

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