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Olivia Newton-John says daughter gives her strength: 'She's my reason to be'

The singer partnered with her daughter on a new song.
/ Source: TODAY

Olivia Newton-John knows a thing or two about mother-daughter bonds, and the singer credits her only child, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, with giving her strength in her darkest times.

The 72-year-old, who has been open about her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis, enjoys her daughter's company so much that she recently partnered with the 35-year-old for an uplifting song focused on pain and healing called "Window in the Wall."

Newton-John and Lattanzi sat down with TODAY's Natalie Morales to chat about their duet and shared some insight into what their life in quarantine has been like.

When asked how the song and the partnership came about, Newton-John explained that she wasn't even trying to create new music at the time.

"The song just called me, I wasn't looking for it. And then I played the song and I started crying. It was really emotional, the song really hit me in the gut," she said.

The singer knew she had to record the powerful song and said the first person who came to mind for the duet was her daughter.

"It was about relationships, it was about forgiveness, compassion, seeing the other side, other people's point of view, and still with love. And understanding and kindness," she said.

As for Lattanzi, she appreciated that the song's message was about finding connections.

"And I loved how moved my mom was, and the fact that she could've asked anyone to sing it with her and she asked me, that touched my heart more than you could ever know," she told TODAY.

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Like mother, like daughter: The lookalike pair pose for a sweet photo.Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

It's certainly not the first time the mother-daughter duo has worked together. Back in 2015, Newton-John partnered with Lattanzi to release "You Have to Believe," a reworked version of her '80s hit "Magic."

The 35-year-old said working with her mom is "a great job" and said it helps that she enjoys Newton-John's company. Throughout the pandemic, the pair has been quarantining together, and Newton-John is grateful for all the quality time they've shared.

"I think this is the first time, probably since I was pregnant with Chloe, that I have been in one place for more than a couple of months or a month or something. And that's been an amazing blessing," she said.

The proud mother also revealed that Lattanzi has been her rock for many years.

"What greater reason do you have to stay alive than for to enjoy your children, and hopefully one day grandchildren," she said then laughed. "So yeah, of course, she's my reason to be."

Newton-John has played an equally important role in her daughter's life and Lattanzi shared one important lesson her mom has taught her.

"I think being grateful for every day and seeing the positive in everything, and that you're stronger than you think," she said.