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Olivia Munn describes painful fall from swing during 'Late Show' visit

Olivia Munn is the star of her own recent, major fail video. Lucky for her, she survived with minor, albeit painful, injuries. Lucky for us, the actress was willing to joke about it on national TV.

"I do the stupidest things," Munn told David Letterman on Tuesday night's "Late Show." "Sometimes even people around me are like, 'It's good that we keep you inside.'"

The "Newsroom" star was in Prague, Czech Republic, two weeks ago, staying in an apartment that had an indoor swing. If that already sounds like a recipe for trouble, Munn told Letterman she "thought it would be really cool to try to get parallel to the second floor."

Naturally, a camera was present. So Munn teed up a clip — adequately describing it as a "really violent video" — and detailed the injuries she sustained when that indoor swing gave out and she slammed into the floor. She dislocated her right shoulder, bruised the whole right side of her body and banged her elbow hard enough that she still can't touch it.

The video was already making the rounds online. Munn had tweeted about the ordeal and shared the footage on Aug. 18.



Letterman was stunned by how painful it all looked, and fascinated enough to have the video run back in slow motion so that he could properly analyze what went wrong, and whether it could have been any worse.

"You should try and get out more often," the host advised Munn.