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Ohio State marching band uses app to pull off amazing formations

Michael Jackson moonwalks and Superman soars over a skyscraper in the Ohio State University Marching Band's incredible halftime formations — but as TODAY's Dylan Dreyer discovered when she visited OSU, "The Best Damn Band in the Land" needs an app for that.

Dreyer's behind-the-scenes look revealed that while the band used to draw out its formations with dots on a piece of paper, they've gone high-tech this season with an iPad app marchers can hold while practicing their routines.

"It's been a really tremendous opportunity to use technology in what is really an old medium, and that's the marching band," director Jonathan Waters said.

Technology has also helped in getting the word out about the band; thanks to YouTube, videos of their halftime tributes — which include dinosaurs, Pac-Man and Harry Potter formations — have racked up tens of millions of views. 

"We have to push the boundaries of what we can do," marcher Ryan Barta said.

Be sure to check out some of their classics, and tune into Weekend TODAY for more from Dreyer on the OSU phenomenon.