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Officer who appeared on police reality show 'Boston's Finest' dies

Pat Rogers, a Boston police officer who appeared on reality show "Boston's Finest," has died.

A police officer who was on the first season of the TNT reality show "Boston's Finest" died Tuesday, the network confirmed to TODAY.

Veteran Boston police officer Pat Rogers died just hours before the show's second-season premiere was to be shown at the city's Revere Hotel. (Update: The Boston Police Department has since confirmed his death to be an apparent suicide.)

"We stand with the men and women of the Boston Police Department and send heartfelt condolences to family, friends and fellow officers," TNT said in a statement.

Rogers was an eight-year police department veteran, and a second-generation officer, following an uncle onto the force.

Actor Donnie Wahlberg, a member of New Kids on the Block and a Boston native, is one of the show's producers. He tweeted his sorrow over the loss.







"From his blue-collar upbringing in Dorchester to his unmistakable accent to his relaxed personality, Pat Rogers is a Boston guy," reads Rogers' biography on the show's website. "Raised by his mother and stepdad, and inspired by an uncle to join the police force, Pat has been on duty for eight years, the last two of which he's been partnered with Jenn Penton. They make a good pair on patrol, with Jenn amused by Pat's constant teasing, and always ready to throw one back at him. But when the situation calls for it, Pat can be as tough as any cop on the street. And don't even think about messing with his partner."

Fans shared their condolences on the show's Facebook page.

"Boston's Finest" is scheduled to return with its second season on Nov. 26. TNT will air the episodes as planned and will honor the officer at the end of the premiere.