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'The Office' pre-finale quiz: Do you know who said what?

Chris Haston / Today
The cast of "The Office" will soon call it a day.

After clocking in for nine seasons of comedy, "The Office" is calling it quits. The workaday laughs will come to an end on Thursday night with a two-hour series sendoff.

But even when the show's over, it won't be forgotten. How could it be, what with all the great TV zingers it'll leave behind for faithful fans?

To honor the end of a prime-time era, we've rounded up some of the best lines ever uttered by the current and former employees of Dunder Mifflin. It's just up to you to figure out who said what.

See the answers your fellow "Office" fans picked after you select your choices, and then scroll to the bottom of the post to see how many you got right.

And the answers are…

  1. Jim (season three, "The Job")
  2. Creed (season three, "Gay Witch Hunt")
  3. Dwight (season two, "Michael's Birthday)
  4. Pam (season five, "Lecture Circuit, Part 1")
  5. Kevin (season three, "Beach Games")
  6. Michael (season two, "Office Olympics")
  7. Kelly (season two, "Michael's Birthday")
  8. Andy (season seven, "Andy's Play")
  9. Stanley (season four, "Did I Stutter?")
  10. Angela (season three, "Women's Appreciation")

How did you do? Tell us in the comments section.