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What's the best moment from 'The Office'? The winner is ...

It was down to "Finale" and "The Dinner Party."
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From our first introduction to the Dunder Mifflin gang in 2005 to the show’s emotional finale in 2013, “The Office” gave us many unforgettable scenes. And now, the entire series is available to binge-watch on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service.

To celebrate, TODAY asked viewers to weigh in on their all-time favorite moment from “The Office” by voting in our bracket this week.

"The Injury," "Niagara," "The Dinner Party" and "Finale" were the fan-favorite episodes in the final four, with the latter two making it to the final round — but there was one episode that took the top honor, with 67 percent of the vote.

And the winner is ... “The Dinner Party”!

In the memorable episode from season four, Michael (Steve Carell) and Jan (Melora Hardin) host a dinner party that reveals how dysfunctional their relationship is. As the situation becomes more heated, Jan angrily hurls a Dundie award against Michael’s TV.

In an interview with TODAY for the show's 15th anniversary last year, Hardin shared her memories of filming "The Dinner Party."

"That was the best episode for Jan," she said. "I think we had three TV screens. So I had three chances. And did I hit it once? Yes. Did I hit it twice? I did. Did I hit it three times? Yes. I did. And the crew guys were absolutely enamored with me after that."

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