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Octuplet mom threatens to sue tabloid sources

Gunner Reid told In Touch that he knew Nadya Suleman back when she was a stripper, but Suleman claims she was never a stripper, and plans to sue Reid.
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Watch out tabloid tongue-waggers! Octuplets’ mom Nadya Suleman’s ready to sue after several sources told In Touch magazine she started her quest for fame by stripping under the name “Angelina.”

In her most recent video interview for Radar Online, Suleman, who previously claimed she couldn’t remember any details about her stripper past, insisted that not only has she never worked as an exotic dancer, but “I’ve never even met a stripper in my life.”

The In Touch report featured statements from a variety of individuals claiming to have worked with Suleman, including dance club owner Gunner Reid, who said he remembered her as a “just a plain Jane” stripper.

“My attorney is in the process of (pursuing legal action),” Suleman told Radar. “And this man (pointing to a photo of Reid) is really intelligent to have his picture there and his real name. So, Mr. Gunner Reid, you’ll be in the midst of a lawsuit.”

As for that claim that she ever used the name “Angelina” for stripping or anything else, an angry Suleman said she’s tired of the constant comparisons to Angelina Jolie.

“The totally ludicrous and erroneous lies that I wanted to look like … who?” she questioned until she found a photo of Jolie on the cover of In Touch. “Her? Her? … This is the last time I’m ever going to repeat this: I do not look like this woman. Nor would I want to look like this woman — no offense to her personally. I have reasons why I wouldn’t want to look like her. I don’t know who would. She’s just a normal person, like everyone else.”

Kara DioGuardi’s future on ‘Idol’ doesn’t concern Simon Whether or not “American Idol’s” newest judge, Kara DioGuardi, remains on the panel after this season really isn’t a concern for veteran dream dasher Simon Cowell. In a new interview with TV Guide, Cowell made his “Idol” panel picks known.

When asked if DioGuardi would return, Cowell said, “I would imagine so,” but then added, “The only say I have is about Ryan (Seacrest), Randy (Jackson) and Paula (Abdul). I've always made it clear that I wouldn't like to do the show without them.”

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Suprisingly enough, it’s Cowell’s constant on-air adversary whom he counts as his closest companion of the bunch.

“Paula's frustrating, she's annoying and I can't understand half of what she's talking about — but there's incredible comfort between us,” the show’s resident grump confessed. “I think we're possibly secretly in love with each other.”

Dish on the fly Publicity loving pop Michael Lohan may have had a hand in daughter Lindsay Lohan’s split with Samantha Ronson. According to the National Enquirer, LiLo believes her father’s negative commentary caused their problems and he should be the one fix them. “Lindsay blames Michael’s incessant taunting of Sam as the reason they broke up in the first place, and now she wants him to fix it all with an apology to her,” a source revealed. “But Michael’s over the moon about their breakup, so he’s not going to try to fix anything.” … County-pop singer Taylor Swift wrote her breakup ballad “Forever and Always” after Joe Jonas called off their romance last year. Despite the lyrical lowdown on the boybander’s bad behavior (“Was I out of line? / Did I say something way too honest / That made you run and hide like a scared little boy?”), Jonas told Seventeen magazine he appreciates the tribute. “It’s flattering,” the middle Jonas Brother admitted. “It’s always nice to hear their side of the story.” … Kim Kardashian’s curvy form includes cellulite, and she’s not ashamed of it. “I love my body the way it is,” the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star told Life & Style. “I'm not perfect. I have cellulite, so what.” Just to prove her point, a bikini-clad Kardashian posed for the magazine’s cover without the aid of a digital airbrush.

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