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Octuplet mom patterning self on Angelina Jolie

Life & Style compared octuplets mom Nadya Suleman to Angelina Jolie, and reports that Suleman has allegedly had procedures to make her look more like the megastar.
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Two pouty brunettes, one an Oscar-winning philanthropist and the other a single mother of 14, have captured America’s attention. Now, they share a magazine cover.

Life & Style has heard your worried cries that Nadya Suleman, the Whittier, Calif., woman who recently gave birth to octuplets, is morphing into Angelina Jolie, and has researched the resemblance.

“The similarities between Nadya and Angelina are uncanny,” plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn told Life & Style. “Their brows are almost identical, and they both have nice smooth foreheads.”

Youn, who obviously has not treated Suleman, said the megamom appears to have undergone surgical procedures, including lip augmentation and rhinoplasty, which make her resemble Jolie.

The similarities are more than skin deep. Both Suleman and Jolie are 33. Both are raising large broods of children (Angie’s is only up to six, but she says it’s still growing.)

But without an eight-figure income or Oscar-nominated partner, can Suleman provide Jolie’s hands-on brand of mothering to her new litter?

A neighbor in Whittier told Life & Style, “I just hope her 14 children get as much care and affection as Angelina gives to her family.”

On an interview Tuesday night on "Dateline NBC," Suleman had this to say: "I have never thought of Angelina Jolie except the last time I saw one of her movies. I think that was years ago.  It is so far away from the place I'm in right now to think of think of any celebrity."

She also denied having her lips cosmetically changed.

OK! sales decline despite dearth of competition
Much of the celeb weekly world braced for a tough sales weekend, thanks to a standoff between publishers and distributors that resulted in many Wal-Mart stores not carrying copies People, In Touch, Life & Style, and other titles.

The flip side of the situation: there was little competition for Us Weekly and the troubled OK!, which were the only big-name celeb weekly options in many stores, and hoped for big numbers as a result.

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Celebrity Sightings

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Us Weekly fared quite well, selling “well above average” according to a source. (The source says an average week would see sales in the high 900,000s.)

OK! magazine underperformed, however, with below-average sales according to several sources. OK!’s rep Brian Strong is no longer commenting on newsstand numbers.

But the message to advertisers and consumers was clear, few chose to buy OK!, and its confusing Angelina Jolie cover “New Baby Diet” cover, could be to blame. “Was OK! telling me that Angie’s twins were on a diet? It makes no sense,” said one magazine industry insider.

Drug use at ‘America’s Next Top Model’? Cigarettes have been banned from the “America’s Next Top Model” house, but what about roofies? One former contestant may have drugged a fellow model with the date-rape drug as a teenager.

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“My roommate actually roofied me, because I wouldn’t do the things she wanted me to,” Sierra Reed, a “Survivor Tocantins” cast member, told about a model she lived with years ago in Taiwan, who went on to appear on “Top Model.”

Reed did not positively identify her former roommate but said she “ruined my life. I hate her. She stole my clothes. We got into a brawl. She told my boyfriend there that I said he raped me.”

Tyra would be so disappointed.

He just might be into you, Jen Jennifer Aniston is back with fair-weather boyfriend John Mayer, just in time to be serenaded for her 40th birthday Feb. 11.

“He did write a special song just for her for her birthday,” a source told People magazine.

Aniston hosted her own star-studded celebration Feb. 7 at her new Beverly Hills estate, with Courteney Cox, Oprah Winfrey and Nicole Kidman in attendance. Mayer brought her a gift, but “there wasn’t much interaction with Jen,” a source told Us Weekly.

Sources told E! another story — that the pair danced and huddled close all night. “She looked hot, and she and John looked really happy,” a source said.

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