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Obama visits 'The View,' reveals knowledge of Kardashian wedding

For the second time since taking office, President Barack Obama sat down for a chat with the ladies of “The View,” and The Clicker got a live look at the taping (the episode itself airs Tuesday).

Squeezing in the appearance between giving the commencement speech at Barnard College and delivering remarks at Ricky Martin's fundraiser in New York, the president dove right into campaign issues such as gay marriage and the current JP Morgan Chase debacle. But later in the show, Obama switched gears and gamely took part in a pop-culture quiz, proving that even the president stays a little dialed in to what people are buzzing about.

Asked which Kardashian recently got married, Obama answered correctly, saying it was Kim, but qualifying that he only knew “because it was to a ball player.”

As for what sexy book was sweeping the nation, he wasn’t aware of “50 Shades of Grey,” and said he’d have to check with wife Michelle about that one. Although the president doesn't have a lot of free time on his hands, he's able to catch a movie now and again: “Avengers” was recently on the viewing schedule, he revealed.

And if you thought Obama’s brief rendition of “Let’s Stay Together” last January was forgotten, not to worry. It got some play during the broadcast too. While the first family appreciates his singing (Obama said his daughter Malia referred to him as “just the right amount of embarrassing,”) he assured the audience that the clip is not anyone’s ringtone, at least in his family.

Check listings for "The View's" local air times on ABC.

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