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NYC to Will Smith: Move Your Bigass Trailer!

Even Will Smith couldn't charm his way out of this one.
/ Source: E!online

Even Will Smith couldn't charm his way out of this one.

After SoHo residents angrily complained about Smith's trailer clogging up the street in front of their homes, the New York City Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting ordered the Men in Black III crew to put that puppy in drive.

Which is no small feat, considering Smith's trailer is bigger than most NYC apartments.

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"To balance the interests of the production and the neighborhood, we have instructed Men in Black III to relocate the trailer to a private lot," the office said in a statement.

According to the New York Post, Smith spends his downtime on the set in a 1,050-square-foot trailer nicknamed "the Heat," that is tricked out with marble floors, a movie room with a 100-inch roll-down screen, offices for his staff and a massive bedroom and bathroom.

He's also said to be renting an immobile six-bedroom, five-bathroom apartment on nearby Bond Street for $25,000 a month.

After moving the trailer Wednesday afternoon, Columbia Pictures apologized to the stricken SoHo denizens for any inconvenience. Men in Black III is scheduled to be shooting in the area until Friday.

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