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NY nightclub celebrates the 1990s

Nerveana shows ’90s films, has drink named for O.J.
/ Source: Reuters

Their era only ended five years ago, but one New York nightclub owner is ready to be first to cash in on the latest retro craze -- the 1990s.

A white Ford Bronco, a “Forrest Gump” bench and a salute to Monica Lewinsky’s best-known wardrobe item are among the props that pep up the atmosphere at Nerveana, a Greenwich Village night spot that opens for business Friday.

“The way the curve goes seems to be getting a little faster,” co-owner Robert Watman said Tuesday about rushing ’90s nostalgia to the marketplace.

Baby boomers with poor short-term memory and young clubgoers whose sense of nostalgia stretches all the way back to the Clinton White House should find it refreshing.

A private hip-hop room pays homage to Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls and Dr. Dre, and a cozy corner of banquettes sits under a poster of Sharon Stone from her erotic scene in the movie ”Basic Instinct” that squirts smoke from between her legs.

A portrait of the Spice Girls hangs on one wall across from a cardboard cut-out of the cast of television’s “Beverly Hills 90210.” Not far away is a huge portrait of Kurt Cobain, leader of the grunge rock band Nirvana, which inspired the club’s name.

“We want to appeal to everyone,” said Watman, who has made a business of nostalgia, having previously created theme clubs Polly Esther’s, based on the 1970s, and the ’80s-themed hot spot Culture Club. “We’ll play everything from hip-hop to dance to rock ’n’ roll.

“We’ll play 90s’ films and videos on all the screens.”

A screen above the Ford Bronco, customized inside with cushioned seats, will show a perpetual loop of California police in slow motion pursuit of O.J. Simpson in his SUV.

A facsimile of Lewinsky’s semen-stained blue dress, used as evidence in the impeachment of Clinton, is encased in glass with a chewed-up cigar on the floor beside it.

Specialty drinks at the bar decorated with characters from ”The Simpsons” include vodka drinks such as The O.J. (”It’s to Die For”) and the John Wayne Bobbitt (”A Cut Above the Rest”).

“People go out to clubs, it’s usually the same thing, nice-looking places that look the same,” said Watman. “Ours are distinct, different. People let their guard down and get nostalgic, warm and fuzzy."