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Now’s your chance to be an ‘Idol’ or ‘Top Model’

It's easy to sit around the television and watch "Survivor" castaways eat bugs, or "American Idol" wannabes crack their voices on high notes. It's equally easy to scoff at the program participants. "I can do that," you might say while cracking open another frosty beverage. "That doesn't look so hard."Your bluff has been called. Here's audition information for more than 25 upcoming reality shows. N
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It's easy to sit around the television and watch "Survivor" castaways eat bugs, or "American Idol" wannabes crack their voices on high notes. It's equally easy to scoff at the program participants. "I can do that," you might say while cracking open another frosty beverage. "That doesn't look so hard."

Your bluff has been called. Here's audition information for more than 25 upcoming reality shows. No, we didn't include every single show out there, but if your favorite's not listed, you may need to do a little detective work.

Some shows have easy-to-find Web pages, and keep their casting info prominent year-round. Others are harder to find, or only list their casting information for that short period of time when they are actively looking for new contestants.

We're often asked how contestants on brand-new shows find out about them, and there isn't just one single way. Some shows run TV ads. Some are mentioned in magazines. Easiest of all, some networks have online casting pages that mention new shows as well as old. We've listed a few new shows below.

It seems obvious, but if you're really interested in making it on a show, you should read every word of the application information as if you're Jack Bauer and it's telling you how to defuse a bomb. If you don't follow the instructions, your application is likely to get deleted, and that means no million dollars for you.

As far as tips for qualifying for specific shows, "American Idol" vets offer tips here, 2006 "Idol" auditioner Whitney Henry shares her experience here, and some "Deal or No Deal" tips are offered here.

Here's our latest roundup of shows.

"American Idol": Are you the next Carrie Underwood? Upcoming audition cities include Kansas City on Aug. 8, Jacksonville on Aug. 13, and East Rutherford, N.J. on Aug. 19. You must be 16-28 years old as of July 15, and of course there are other eligibility requirements as well. Go to for full details.

"America's Next Top Model": Cycle 12 auditions are being held in August and September in nine cities — Albuquerque, Charlotte, Seattle, New York, Houston, Tampa, Chicago, Kansas City and L.A. The application and eligibility requirements are here.

"Amazing Race": Applications for season 14 were due on May 28. Miss the deadline? "Amazing Race" keeps its applications online year-round,so you can read over the form and start crafting those perfect answers for next time.

"Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?": Well, are ya? Start proving it by successfully filling out the application, which is here.

"Bachelor": Want to be "The Bachelor," or date him? Here's that show's casting page. Note that the "Bachelorette" applications shown here are not for the show of the same name — instead they're for the women who date the "Bachelor." So far, ABC has always picked "The Bachelorette" by selecting rejected women from "Bachelor" seasons (Trista, Meredith, Jen, DeAnna). Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant just broke up, so she's available.

"Bad Girls Club": It's no "Starting Over" (still miss that show), but Bunim-Murray's "Bad Girls Club" has casting information here.

"Big Brother": The show is currently airing. Open casting calls were held in April and May. You can still read through the application and eligibility requirements at CBS's site.

"Biggest Loser": Ready to shed those pounds? Apply here to be a "Loser." The show is looking for teams of two who want to lose weight together.

CMT shows: Planning a "Big Redneck Wedding" or a "Big Redneck Christmas"? CMT's your network.

"Deal or No Deal": It's a game show, not a reality show, but we're asked about this one so much that we're including a link to the show's application (and here are tips for getting chosen).

"Extreme Makeover" (plastic surgery edition): This show has been canceled. It made a brief return in 2006, but was quickly canceled again after just one episode, and was replaced with reruns of "Grey's Anatomy." ("The Swan" has also been canceled, so if you really want a nose job or breast implants, you're going to have to pay for it yourself.)

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition":This page has all the details on how to nominate your own family or another deserving family for a home makeover. But here's a tip: Don't use your new mansion as collateral for a loan for a construction business.

"Hell's Kitchen": Apply for future seasons here.

"Make Me a Supermodel": Bravo has posted an online application as well as information about open casting calls on the Bravo casting page. (Also on that same page: Information about a show that wants to televise your marriage proposal, and audition info for "The Millionaire Matchmaker," a dating show.)

MTV shows: MTV is always looking for reality contestants, it seems. They're even casting for audience members to attend the Aug. 18 "Hills" premiere. They're also looking for young pregnant women, rural friends who want makeovers, late bloomers going on first dates, and sports teams getting ready for a big game. Their little-bit-of-everything casting page is here.

"Nashville Star": Here's the country-music show's audition FAQ, which directs interested singers to this page, which does not seem to list any current open calls.

"Opportunity Knocks": ABC's new game show is looking for lively families who want to win cash. The Web site describes the show as "a fun new trivia-based game where the game is brought to your house." The site has information about how you can e-mail your application.

"Project Runway": Think you can make it work while designing clothes out of groceries, all under the watchful eyes of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum? While season 5 is airing, season 6 is casting. Here's the info.

"Real World": This long-running Bunim-Murray show is always accepting applications, it seems. And Michael Martin, who books the casts' off-the-show appearances, offers his tips for getting your tape seen here.

"Stand-Up For Diversity": It's not a show, but NBC has quietly offered "Stand-Up for Diversity" for the past five years. Comedians of diverse backgrounds audition, and the top funny men and women are brought to L.A. to show their stuff to "key industry players at NBC and industry-wide." Audition info is here.

"Supernanny": Here's the application, stressed-out parents. Oh, like you even have time to read this.

"Survivor": Think you can gobble down balut (almost fully developed duck embryo) for a million bucks, all while stabbing your tribemates in the back and somehow convincing them you're as loyal as Lassie?Then "Survivor" is your show. The Gabon (Africa) season has already been filmed and will air this fall, but bookmark the application site for the future, as it seems to maintain the same URL.

VH-1 shows: VH-1 has a page chock full of casting opportunities, including one looking for hip-hop designers, and one for couples throwing lavish weddings. But the ultimate show on their list is "Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels," which is seeking sexy single women to ride on a tour bus following the Poison lead vocalist across the country. Sounds horrible, but any groupies in training should apply now.

"What Not to Wear": The show is casting for its regular fashion disasters here. They're also coming to Philly, Chicago, New York, New Orleans and St. Louis for casting calls. You don't nominate yourself, but instead suggest a friend who has no sense of style. It's up to you as to how you remain friends with her after that.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper is's Television Editor.