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Now this is a story all about how Bert and Ernie spoofed 'Fresh Prince'

Your life will get flipped turned upside down watching this "Sesame Street" remake.
/ Source: TODAY

We've known the great "Sesame Street" duo Bert and Ernie all our lives — but did you ever wonder just how this pair of opposite besties got together in the first place?

Wait no longer, because they're about to tell you the whole story, set to the theme song of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

On Monday, "Sesame Street" released the hilarious clip, which parodies the chair-turning, graffiti-decorated original from the 1990s series that made Will Smith a star.

"Now, this is a song all about how my life got flip-turned up eyebrow," sings Bert (who has a unibrow), sitting in a plush red "throne" seat alongside Ernie. Needless to say, when the chairs start spinning, Bert is less than pleased.

Bert and Ernie make parody of "Fresh Prince" intro
And around they go!Sesame Street

We can't decide what we love more: the colorful "Hello" and rubber duckie graffiti or the fact that both are wearing baseball caps with the brims turned straight up!

That's not the only "Fresh Prince" nod; in later scenes we see the strait-laced Bert not adding more graffiti, but rather trying to clean it up. We also get to see Bert's mom, who has amazing curlers in her head, just like Smith's character's mom in the original.

They're far from alone in their love of the "Fresh Prince" opening; other parodies out there include Jimmy Fallon's own parody in 2015 when he took "The Tonight Show" to Los Angeles.

In this new version, Bert and Ernie bond over a shared appreciation for paper clip collecting and a third "roommate" — Rubber Duckie.

"One half of a whole, one part of a pair," they croon, and slap hands, friends for life.

But watch out, Bert, the chairs are not done spinning ...

It's a whole lot of fun!

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