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Nothin’ but love during ‘Housewives’ shoot

Any backstage infighting among the women of Wisteria Lane appears to have ceased, and the new era of peace was evident during the stars' recent cover shoot for TV Guide.
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Any backstage infighting among the women of Wisteria Lane appears to have ceased, at least for now.

For evidence, look no further than the current issue of TV Guide, which displays all of the women of "Desperate Housewives" on the cover — the first cover of its kind since the "Housewives" group shot for Vanity Fair during the show's inaugural season.

The Vanity Fair photo shoot made news mostly because of reported diva behavior and high-maintenance demands that took place behind the scenes.

"It's exhausting to even recall the details," says one person who was on hand. "Certain women wouldn't pose near other women, some insisted on being in the center of the frame, some women felt others were getting better wardrobe — it was a mess."

Things couldn't have been more different during the TV Guide shoot, according to the magazine's editor-in-chief, Debra Birnbaum.

"There was absolutely no problem (among the women) and I think the pictures reflect that," says Birnbaum. "It was really a celebration of the show."

The six housewives appear on the cover in two groups, and to avoid any misunderstanding about how that came to be, Birnbaum clarifies the split was an editorial decision that had nothing to do with the talent.

"We knew we had to do a gatefold and so that meant two groups of three," she says. "It wasn't about who would get along with who, it was about what made sense to us editorially."

No actress should feel slighted that she was on the inside of the gatefold, either. In different markets, the gatefold flip-flops.

"We have as many copies of the group with Eva (Longoria) as we do Teri (Hatcher)," says Birnbaum. "There is a complete even split so it was fair with everybody."

Quite often, the magazine approaches a show or actor about doing a story. In this case, it was different.

"(‘Desperate Housewives’) came to us (with) the idea," Birnbaum says. "The show is undergoing a creative renaissance and the finale kind of re-ignited our interest. This was a fantastic way to celebrate that."

Jude Law checks out U.N. protests With all eyes in New York on the United Nations General Assembly (and the ensuing traffic snarls) it's easy for a celeb to get lost in the crowds. Unless you're Jude Law, that is.

The actor was spotted among the myriad protesters gathered on the East Side of Manhattan. According to a witness, Law appeared to be more of an observer than participant.

"He wasn't actively protesting, but was standing on First Avenue around 46th Street where the most popular activity was protesting (Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad's arrival."

Another note of interest (to some): The observer was impressed by his appearance, or at least his hair. "He was less bald-looking than when I saw him last."

Kato Kaelin hits the Emmy gifting suites
Few things come as a surprise in Hollywood, but the appearance of Kato Kaelin at the Alive! Expo Green Pavillion gifting lounge during Emmy weekend definitely qualifies as unexpected.

Celebrity Sightings

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Celebrity Sightings

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

The man made famous by O.J. Simpson's murder trial stocked up on freebies, but made no mention of Simpson.

"It's kind of understood he's way past that, and hasn't been attached to any chaos since (the trial)," says Kaelin friend Stacy Broff, of Diamond Girl PR. "His energy was a 12. So many C-level celebs come through the suites with such an attitude of 'I was in 'Beerfest' and now I am doing a TV show about nothing on some channel no one knows about,' but Kato brought a fun vibe and just had a good time."

That's not to say Kaelin doesn't have something to promote: he's got a reality show in the works.

Beckham’s a big tipper
Since it's nice to hear when the wealthy are generous, this just in from In Touch Weekly. The magazine reports that one lucky server earned a $500 tip on a $500 tab when soccer star David Beckham had dinner with his wife Victoria, oldest son Brooklyn and friends at Madeo in West Hollywood on Sept. 11.

Posh had asked for steamed fish with veggies and a side of marinara sauce and Brooklyn wanted bow tie pasta with butter.

“Neither item was on the menu,” a witness told the magazine. “David was so grateful that the waiter took care of it, he left a huge tip.”

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