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Not plastic: Barbie to be focus of live-action film

Model, pilot, veterinarian, astronaut and sometime-mermaid Barbara Millicent Roberts has been a star for nearly half a century. Now the famous blonde — better known as Barbie — is ready for her big-screen close-up.

Universal Studios has acquired the rights to make a live-action movie about the iconic doll, to be produced by the Laurence Mark, the man behind "Jerry Maguire" and "Julie & Julia," according to the Hollywood Reporter and The Associated Press. No word yet on casting.

There has long been a link between Barbie's world and real-life Hollywood.

Hilary Duff got her own likeness integrated into the Barbie line in 2006. And Barbie manufacturer Mattel introduced a Lindsay Lohan doll line in 2005.

Barbie, who has held up remarkably well over the years — call it plastic surgery — turns 50 this year.