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Not that innocent: Britney lost virginity at 14

Us Weekly reveals that Britney Spears, the one-time “saving it for marriage” Mouseketeer actually lost her virginity at the ripe old age of 14.
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Despite daily production of fresh n’ juicy Britney Spears scandals, there’s still a couple in the pop wreck’s past yet to be mined. Perhaps most interesting (but hardly shocking), is the recent Us Weekly revelation that the one-time “saving it for marriage” Mouseketeer actually lost her virginity at the ripe old age of 14.

Britney’s early image as a “happy, wholesome pop star” waiting for her wedding night was nothing more than a “PR blitz,” according Us insider Eric Ervin, who worked with Spears as a teenager. In fact, the magazine reports, Britney left the age of innocence long before her four-year relationship with Justin Timberlake, sharing her first connubial experience with earlier boyfriend, Reg Jones. And according to Us, she and JT “were intimate from the beginning.” Gasp!

Will Lindsay and mom mend fences over turkey? While Britney Spears scored an elusive front-row seat to Hannah Montana’s Thanksgiving table and Brangelina heads to Missouri for a traditional Turkey Day, rumor has it that lil’ lost Lindsay Lohan is passing the gravy boat on Long Island this Thursday.

OK! Magazine reports that while tips are still unconfirmed, the 84-minute jailbird is heading east from Los Angeles to spend Thanksgiving with estranged mom, Dina. Then again, LiLo might just be visiting friends in her native New York, while totally ignoring her former manager/club-hopping compatriot mother.

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As OK! recalls, Lindsay only recently patched things up with her ex-con pops, Michael, during her Utah rehab stay — a move divorced Dina did not approve of. If all goes well, the embattled family will set their differences aside and just be thankful this year that their little girl is finally clean and sober. Or maybe they’ll use the gathering as fodder for Dina’s upcoming E! reality show — one or the other.

You can never go back to Neverland It’s a hard-knock life for Michael Jackson and his kids. The loan on their dilapidated family homestead, Neverland Ranch, may or may not be in default, depending on whom you talk to. But one thing is for certain: MJ and the gang don’t live there anymore.

According to a report in the New York Post’s Page Six, Jacko’s brood now lives the vagabond lifestyle, hopping from one borrowed residence to the other. Yes, with his fortune nearly kaput and having “been booted from several other residences he ‘rented’ in Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.,” Michael, Prince, Paris and even little Blanket rely on the kindness of wealthy friends and associates.

The King of Pop’s latest crashing couch? For at least the last week, it’s the home of grocery-store great Ron Burkle. "The whole family has been hiding out,” a spywitness told Page Six. “They were holed up in Burkle's place behind the Beverly Hills Hotel. They even refused to come out of their rooms and hid when Burkle had guests over."

Dish on the fly There’s just 33 more shopping days until Christmas, but the impending holiday toy rush doesn’t worry Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie. In a recent interview with People, Guy confessed that he and Madge called the whole thing off. "We canceled Christmas a few years ago," the “Snatch” director told the magazine. "Stopped all the presents. And ever since [we] stopped the presents, we're actually enjoying it." No word on how much Lourdes, Rocco and David enjoy the whole “no presents” thing. … The staff at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont had enough of Eva Longoria and her rearranging ways, reports Page Six. The desperate housewife recently spotted pals Shakira, Ken Paves and Victoria Beckham in a huddle at the hotel and wanted to join in. “Eva ran straight over to Posh and started pulling up chairs around a big table so they could sit together,” a source revealed to Page Six. “The host was furious. She told Eva, 'You cannot bring anymore chairs over here. This is a dining room.' Eva didn't listen to her, and a head server had to start pulling the chairs from her and move them back to the dining area so people with reservations could sit.”

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