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No Way! Mary-Kate Olsen Is Hooking Up With...

What is going on with our wholesome (yeah, right) child stars?!
/ Source: E!online

What is going on with our wholesome (yeah, right) child stars?!

After not-so-hot headlines for rehab visits (for M.K., at least) and other things T-town tarts get into when they've been in the biz too long, twinsies Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen seemed to have ditched the tabloid scene. Except for the occasional questionable outfit.

But boy, are these two making up for lost time now!

First, Ash was rumored to be canoodling with rebounding Justin Timberlake (though the two are apparently just "friendly," ha!) and now M.K. seems to have gotten a man of her own.

We'll give you a little hint: She won't be going on any double dates with Taylor Swift anytime soon...

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'Cause Mary-Kate's new dude is apparently...Kanye West?!

Yep, it seems M.K. may have been suffering from some bizarre twin jealousy, cause as soon as Ashley started getting all the hot goss for unexpectedly linking up with J.T., Mary-Kate was caught smooching an even unlikelier beau.

Too weird, right?

Spies spotted M.K. snogging with Yeezy at Submercer Nightclub in NYC this week where the two were celebrating Kanye''s 34th birthday. Just for the record, the Olsens will only be turning 25 on Monday.

Should we expect a repeat rendezvous when the twins throw their b-day bashes next week?

Who knows!

All we do know is that maybe it's because of the decade age difference or the fact that we can't see Mary-Kate guzzing Hennessy when she hits the red carpet, but we're totally getting an ick vibe from this pairing.

Perhaps the twins are just trying to live up the celeb single life after their recent little-discussed breakups? After all, both twins just ended major long term--by Hollywood standards, at least--relationships recently.

Ash split with Hangover semi-star Justin Bartha in March after dating for three years. And Mary-Kate's two-year relationship with bad boy artist Nate Lowman ended last February. What better way to mend a broken heart than dating some of the most eligible dudes in H'wood, right?

Who knows, Kanye likes to fancy himself an "artist" too which could mean we'll see an all grown up Michelle Tanner bumpin' and grindin' in Kanye's next video!

Again, we repeat: Ick.

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