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'No one is really spared' in 'Sleepy Hollow' finale, star Tom Mison teases

Tom Mison teases that the season finale is "relentless in punishing everyone."

"Sleepy Hollow's" first season wraps up with a two-hour finale Monday night and according to the cast, there’s a whole lot of pain coming for all of the characters.

Star Tom Mison, who plays time-displaced Ichabod Crane, warned TODAY that the finale is “a big one and no one is really spared. Wait until you see the final act of the finale. It’s relentless in punishing everyone."

As the season comes to a close, Crane and his contemporary partner, Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), are desperate to prevent the impending Apocalypse while protecting their loved ones who are positioned as collateral. In the Four Horsemen's target is Abbie's sister, Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), while Crane is anxious to free his wife, witch Katrina (Katia Winter), from limbo.

Beharie said in a conference call with reporters that the finale will pick right up where the episode “Vessel” left off, and will include actor Victor Garber as Ichabod's dad, and the return of John Noble's Henry Parrish. 

“Basically the story starts off where Abbie and Crane unearth secrets in the Bible. They discover new things about the nature of George Washington’s death and this sends them on this mad hunt,” she said.

She noted the journey would present the duo with moments where they have to choose their allegiances. “I think for the most part they are on the same side but there are a lot of tests and definitions of the character’s character — who they are and what they really stand for and how much they can actually withstand is what we’ll see,” Beharie said.

Mison added that Parrish will allow Crane to deal with some of his deepest fears. 

“It’s so nice to have someone (like him) because he has the supernatural powers and is a little bit closer to Ichabod than anyone else," Mison said. "There’s a really, really strong bond that has grown from the moment Henry Parrish arrived up until the finale, when you see them get closer and closer. He’s a very nice character as almost Ichabod’s second partner.”

And another helping hand is what Crane may need. 

With the added twist that Crane may have to sacrifice Abbie to get what he wants, Mison said it’s finally thrown his character for a loop. 

“You’ve seen him be very much in control and it only waivers when it’s something that is very personal to him like when the Headless Horseman was being interrogated and he brings up Katrina," the actor explained. "Crane is a man of logic so when emotion comes into it, he doesn’t quite know how to deal with it and that’s when he goes off course.”

Asked if there’s any hope that Crane will get Katrina back, Mison said ominously, “There’s always hope in this show and there’s always despair. You can be pretty certain that both things will be thrown at Ichabod and Katrina by the end of the season.”

Mison said assuredly that fans will be on pins and needles until the series returns for its second season this fall. 

“I tell you what, the way you find out where all of the characters end up, I’d certainly tune in to the next season," he teased. "It’s a brilliant way to end the season and they’ve been very clever about it.”

"Sleepy Hollow" airs at 8 p.m. Monday on Fox.