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No model behavior for Naomi Campbell

Plus: Explaining Mariah Carey’s smokin’ voice
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Looks like Naomi Campbell’s anger-management courses didn’t work so well.

The temperamental model is being accused of yet another violent outburst.

Campbell and Brazilian model Marcelle Bittar “gave quite a show of punches and slaps” in an exclusive Sao Paulo restaurant last week, according to our source there.

Marcelle confronted Naomi for mistreating a common friend of theirs, a model booker, allegedly punching and kicking him and causing him to lose his job. “I promised myself to confront her about that next time I saw her,” Marcelle told Sao Paulo columnist Monica Bergamo. She apparently kept her promise, and Campbell responded in kind.

Campbell’s rep has denied the story, accusing Marcelle of behaving strangely at the restaurant.

Talk about a smokin' voiceMariah Carey claims she got her incredible singing range from smoking.

The singer, who reportedly has a five-octave voice — some write-ups put it as high as seven —says that one of the reasons is because she smoked when she was younger.

“It’s true. The two lowest octaves are probably there because of the smoking,” a champagne-sipping Carey told Swedish mag Groove, according to a translation. “But of course it’s not good to smoke. I always had a cold and constant throatache.” So she quit, she said. “One day I promised God that if he would give me my voice back I would never smoke again. I got three octaves back after quitting.”

But Carey was drinking alcohol, pointed out the interviewer. “Doesn’t alcohol dry out your vocal cords?” she was asked. “Well, what dries the cords out isn’t the … do you sing? I have a feeling that you are a singer.” The interviewer said no. “Okay,” replied Carey. “Let’s stop the tape and rewind.”

Notes from all overBen Affleck is set to star in commercials for a body spray. The “Pearl Harbor” star is getting paid $1.8 million to star in spots for Lynx, “demonstrating the magnetic effect the body spray has on women.” The ads will be shown in the UK, according to the Brit trade magazine Campaign. It won’t be the first time Affleck has pitched products. He starred in overseas commercial for L’Oreal, and as a child appeared in spots for Burger King.  . . . Hilary Duff says she had to get veneers because she kept chipping her teeth on the microphone while singing.  . . . A group calling itself the National Coalition of Human Rights Activists has some tough words for Tom Cruise regarding his criticism of Brooke Shields’ use of anti-depressants. “The little actor’s comments could conceivably end up getting someone killed,” said David Rice, president of NCHRA, a group, it seems, largely dedicated to doing battle with Scientology. “Mr. Cruise’s advice was not only dangerous, but also absurd and wrong. It is our hope and prayer that anyone who has been talked out of acquiring life-saving health care by Mr. Cruise re-evaluate Mr. Cruise’s ill-informed advice and go back to treatment. Life and health are too precious to risk by taking the medical advice of an uneducated movie actor.”

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