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No injuries in 'America's Got Talent' fire mishap

Good news: "America's Got Talent" has now braved a fire incident on live television -- and emerged unscathed.

Last night, audiences were stunned during the show when a tumbler from University of Maryland-based gymnastic stunt team Gymkana caught his foot on a ring of fire while flipping through it, leading a second teammate to fall over with the fiery ring on top of him.

The ring was quickly removed and the sequence ended; host Nick Cannon checked in with the fallen Warren Hall, who assured him he was fine.

But the show's judges told the New York Post that it wasn't fast enough.

"He was lying there, and I didn't see anybody with a fire extinguisher," said Howie Mandel.

"We have got to be more on our toes," echoed Sharon Osbourne, adding, "It took too long" to help him.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and precautions were taken, a show spokesperson told the Post. "The performers were wearing suits treated with a flame-retardant spray, and no injuries ensued."

Sounds like everything's cool, then.

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