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No Frost on ‘Cold Mountain’

Nicole Kidman successfully sued a British tab for claiming she was having an affair with Jude Law, but one person wondered if there was something going on: Law’s wife. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Nicole Kidman successfully sued a British tab for claiming she was having an affair with her “Cold Mountain” co-star Jude Law, but at least one person wondered if there was something going on: Law’s wife.

Sadie Frost, who is now divorcing Law after six years of marriage, heard the rumors and “very much wanted to visit (Law)” in Romania, where the film was being shot, “to discuss it with Jude and to see for herself what was going on” says an insider, but the movie makers put the kibosh on her visit.

“They were very actively discouraging her,” says the source. “They sent word for Sadie not to come. The excuse given was that she was pregnant at the time and they said it would be too great a risk to her health for her to be traveling, especially in Romania. But they also just didn’t want her there. It would have been an incredible distraction to Jude, who had to concentrate on other things.”

But says the source, Frost did not take well to the ban: “Being told she couldn’t visit her husband when all those rumors were going around — well, let’s just say it all got her pretty upset.”

A spokesman for Miramax, which made the flick, denies the story, saying in fact, that the film makers were so accommodating to Law and Frost’s marriage that they suspended production when the couple’s three year old accidentally swallowed an Ecstasy pill at a party.

“We stopped shooting for four days at a cost of almost $1 million to allow Jude to be with his wife during a family emergency during shooting,” says the spokesman. “Any decisions for her not to be on the set did not involve us.”

Meanwhile, however, Kidman and Law recently got together for a quiet little dinner in Manhattan, according to a report in the London Express. Both continue to strenuously deny that anything romantic is going on between them.

All that glitters

Is Mariah Carey a diva? One of her co-stars from “Glitter” certainly seems to thinks so.

Tia Texada, who played Roxanne in the notorious bomb, says that Mariah was so insecure and demanding during the shooting that “she just ruined the film.” The gorgeous Texada, who also appears in the TV series “Third Watch,” claims that Carey had her dancing edited out of the film, forbid her from showing her body in the flick, and threatened her with a firing when she complained about her wardrobe.

“I wasn’t allowed to show any of my body in this movie because she would not allow it. It’s too bad because she’s so beautiful and talented that she doesn’t need to be that way. But she was very insecure,” Texada told Steppin’ Out magazine. She also claims that when she objected to the clothes she was told to wear, Carey told her, “You have to wear what we give you or you’re fired!”

“She did not want any of us to look good!” Texada said. “She tried to make us all feel horrible and it came out in the film. That’s why the film was such a flop. In fact, she cut out all my dance moves. She said, ‘Sorry, but this movie is about my singing not your dancing.’”

Carey’s rep had no comment at press time.

Who says those Brits are polite? Certainly not magician David Blaine. The illusionist — currently suspended in a glass box over London for 44 days of starvation and solitude — has been pelted with eggs and golf balls by cruel pedestrians. If that weren’t bad enough, says the London Evening Standard, when he tries to snooze, wicked Londoners have been spotted banging on a drum, adding sleep deprivation to Blaine’s list of hardships.

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