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No Bat suit, just bad suit for Christian Bale, 'Hustle' co-stars

From Bat suit to leisure suit: Behold, Christian Bale and some other guys who have at times been labeled sexier than everyone else, captured in full 1970s glory while filming "American Hustle" in New York City.

Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner sport the bad suits, bad ties, bad hair, and good sense to star in the next project from director David O. Russell ("Silver Linings Playbook," "The Fighter"). Bale won an Oscar for "The Fighter" and Cooper was nominated for one for "Playbook."

Suck in that gut. Christian Bale, left, and Jeremy Renner in New York on May 18.

Jennifer Lawrence (who won an Oscar for "Playbook") and Amy Adams (nominated for an Oscar for her role in "The Fighter") are also on board. The film focuses on the true story of the FBI's Abscam operation of the late '70s.

I'm walkin' here! Bradley Cooper films "American Hustle" in New York.
With his comb over and rose-tinted glasses, Bale's "American Hustle" is a long way from his "American Psycho."

"American Hustle" is reportedly set for a Christmas release in theaters -- just in time for awards season.