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No baby in nine months, says Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Parker can't even eat a simple meal without people buzzing that her stomach looks larger and thus she must be pregnant. The actress says she isn't expecting.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Eva Longoria Parker is looking forward to having a family with her husband of one year, Tony Parker — just not right now.

“Not in nine months,” the actress told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in an interview for "The Billy Bush Show."

“I can guarantee you a baby will not be here in nine months. Longer than that, maybe. We’re definitely wanting a family and when it happens, it’ll happen, but it’s no rush and there’s no timeline that we’ve set for ourselves.”

Bloggers speculated Longoria was with child after she was pictured with a less-than-perfectly-flat tummy while on vacation with her husband last week. During her call with Bush, Longoria explained her figure was the result of celebration.

“I was busy celebrating my one-year anniversary,” Longoria said. “It was great. We ate and ate, and drank wine. We just kind of lived European.”

Longoria also took the opportunity during their chat, scheduled to air on Bush’s show Monday evening, to explain her short crop. Though it looks similar to a cut her pal Victoria Beckham recently sported, Longoria actually cropped her locks for her role in “Desperate Housewives.”

“I had to cut my hair for Gabrielle because she’s a mom now and so she’s cut her hair,” she said. “She’s really simple, she has no makeup, she’s frumpy, and so I cut my hair.”