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Nikita's Shane West Spills on More Flashbacks, More Division Trouble and Much More "Mikita"

The CW is known for bringing the heat with its TV couples, but it's hard to ignore that a certain duo has been extra steamy this season.
/ Source: E!online

The CW is known for bringing the heat with its TV couples, but it's hard to ignore that a certain duo has been extra steamy this season.

We're not talking about Ian Somerhalder and his eyebrows--although we do wish those two all the happiness in the world!--we're talking about Nikita and Michael, of course. And guess what fans? Shane West knows you call them Mikita, and he has some good news for you...

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We will get a kiss this season! And then some.

"Well, you may get more than you bargain for," Shane tells us. But back to that lip action, there is a catch: flashbacks. "When Nikita was actually a part of the Division in a flashback, I could simply walk up to Nikita and kiss her. And then fans might see that and go, 'Oh my god!' Because it's possible to get away with that. The key is, when will they be able to do that in the present? And I think you will see a kiss this year for sure, but I am not sure if I can tell you if it's a flashback or in the present."

Oh, those tricky writers over there at Nikita. But the good news (besides Shane being on Twitter: @shanewest_1 ) is that fans can forget everything they know about Michael, Nikita and Alex. And we mean that in a good way. "Buckle down and hold on because by the end of this season, the whole world of Nikita will look a lot different than it did in the beginning. For us, it feels like a positive thing so I hope the fans will agree."

As long as Michael and Nikita are together, we bet fans will find that positive. "Nikita and Michael are certainly going to be thrown back together to have to do some more missions together," says Shane. And that's good, considering Shane had nothing but amazing things to say about his kick-ass costar : "There is a strong connection between myself and Maggie and she's wonderful."

When we asked about Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) being a potential love interest for Michael, Shane had one word to describe all of that. And that word is creepy.

"I think it's not very smart to have Michael end up with Alex because of his past with Nikita. It cheapens who Michael is as a human being, because it makes it look like he is just very excited to date any sort of recruit that comes through that might remind him of Nikita. It starts to make it a little creepy," Shane tells us with a laugh.

Romance aside, Michael is going to have a whole lot on his plate concerning someone popping up a lot sooner than expected: Kasim. "There's a lot more coming with that," Shane promises. "I can say he's returning, which we're currently working on right now, but I probably can't say more than that."

As for Division, Mr. West tells us that Michael is finally starting to wise up. "Michael starts to get a little smarter about everything that's going on in Division and starts to doubt Division a lot more with Percy (Xander Berkeley), Amanda (Melinda Clarke) and even starts to doubt Alex," he spills to us. "He starts to have ideas that maybe something's rotten and didn't work with Alex and [he wonders] if she's lying to him. So you're going to see a huge turn around in the next few episodes and definitely by the end of the year."

Got all that, Nikita fans? Please absorb all this info and let's head to the comments to debate Alex/Michael vs. "Mikita" together.

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