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Nicole Richie’s having a motherhood meltdown

Nicole Richie is struggling with the many issues of motherhood, a source tells the National Enquirer. But baby daddy Joel Madden is standing by his woman.
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In the last two years, Nicole Richie’s faced one big change after another, and the stress of those lifestyle swings is said to finally be catching up with her. The National Enquirer reports, with motherhood added to the mix, Nicole’s entered meltdown mode.

“Nicole feels like her life is in a constant state of emotional turmoil right now, and when one crying episode ends, another one seems to begin,” a friend told the magazine. “Everything is happening so quickly that it’s almost getting to be too much for her to handle.”

That “everything” allegedly includes body issues, overcoming substance abuse, her relationship with Joel Madden, her brief jail stint and subsequent community service, and finally, the birth of her daughter, Harlow. According to the insider, with all that behind her, Nicole breaks down over the smallest things, such as Harlow’s crying jags or when Joel isn’t around to lend a hand.

“The slightest bit of stress turns into a huge emotional ordeal,” the friend said. “Joel is trying to be patient with Nicole even though her meltdowns often do end in arguments. But he understands she’s gone through some very serious emotional and physical changes — she got pregnant, found sobriety, moved in with Joel and became a mother — all in a very short time, and that’s a lot for anyone to handle.”

Despite Nicole’s difficulties and Joel’s efforts to adjust, the Enquirer source assured their relationship is still rock solid.

“Joel is still just as head-over-heels in love with Nicole as he’s been from day one, and he is still planning to marry her,” said the source. “He just wants to make sure that she’s going to be able to put the brakes on this emotional roller coaster before they make that big leap into marriage.”

Jon Voight’s twin talkHe may not get to see them anytime soon, but Jon Voight told OK! magazine he’s excited about the prospect of becoming a grandfather again when his daughter, Angelina Jolie, gives birth to twins.

“The babies haven’t come yet but am I looking forward to it, yes I am,” Jon assured the publication.

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The veteran actor feels confident Angelina can meet the double-the-trouble challenges in store for her.

“Twins are a definite handful, but Angie can handle it,” Jon said. “Have you ever taken care of baby twins? It’s a deal, isn’t it? It’s a huge deal. You’ve just got two kids and if one starts crying then you start taking that one and then the other one — oh boy, you have to be young and strong to take care of twins.”Due to an ongoing estrangement between Jon and Angelina, he’s never met any of the kids that make up the current Brangelina bunch, and it’s uncertain when or if he’ll meet the new babies-to-be.

“I haven’t spoken to her recently," Jon admitted to OK!. “I would love to see the kids. Right now I just want those babies to be healthy and for the mommy to be healthy. When they come I’m going to be so excited.”

Dish on the flyThere could be more babies in store for Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman. “Extra TV” asked the new mom if she had any interest in going for a bigger brood, and Christina answered, “Oh, eventually, yes! Yes, absolutely. Absolutely.” Seems the pop star’s loving her time with nearly 5-month-old son, Max. “Motherhood comes very naturally to me," she told the program. “I think a whole new confidence comes with being a mother. I feel very confident and very sexy as a mother.” … While making the rounds in the U.K. promoting his latest flick, “The Happening,” Mark Wahlberg opened up about his expanding family. According to Splash News Online, Mark recently learned he had more siblings than the eight he already knew about back home in Boston. As it turns out, his late dad, Donald, fathered five other children and never told the rest of the family. … Has Robert Downey Jr.’s comeback success already gone to his head? The New York Daily News reports the “Iron Man” star snubbed “The Office” boss Steve Carell while posing for the press backstage at Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing, cross-promoting?” Robert balked when Steve stood next to him. “No offense, but I'm not taking a picture with you!” Hope that was a joke, RDJ.