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Nicole Richie lashes out at paparazzi

In a letter posted on her blog, Richie ripped X-17 after the agency posted a video on their site, which showed their cameraman sitting across the street from her daughter Harlow’s school.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Nicole Richie took aim at the paparazzi, whom she claims are “stalking” the students and families at her daughter’s school.

In a letter posted on her blog on Tuesday, Richie lashed out at the paparazzi agency X-17, after they posted a video on their site, which showed their cameraman sitting across the street from her daughter Harlow’s school, filming husband Joel Madden drop off the couple’s child.

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“THANK YOU so much for posting the video of your employees sitting outside of my daughter’s school, because now the entire world can see how creepy and disgusting you are,” Richie wrote on her blog. “You do not get to spend 200 dollars on a camera, and think that gives you a free pass to shadow my child. These are strangers, grown men, stalking young children. You think that’s ok?”

In the video clip, posted on X-17’s site on Tuesday, Joel Madden approaches the cameraman’s car with his own camera, filming both the driver and passenger, who appear to be parked across the street from the school.

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“You guys better hope you’re alright sitting outside of a school, because you know I’m gonna have all your tags run and everything,” Madden tells the paparazzi.

Seemingly undeterred, the video clip then goes on to show the footage shot of Madden pulling into the school and walking his daughter into her classroom.

“Here’s a better visual: Pulling up to school and seeing grown men slouched in black windowed cars outside of a preschool, all day. I’m not even there, so you cannot say you are following me as you always do. You are stalking the children. Now how do you feel?” Richie's blog continued.

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“I PROMISE YOU that I am going to do a background check on each and every person that I see there. For the safety of my children and others. Because the last time I did a check on your staff, I found they had no license. Remember that day? The day that ended with a car accident and me in a hospital?” she wrote. “These are young children and you should know better. X17, you are irresponsible and repulsive. Consider this a warning.”

When contacted by Access Hollywood, a spokesperson for X-17 issued the following statement:

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“We understand Ms. Richie’s concerns and X17 does not condone this sort of activity. These photographers do not work for X17. Unfortunately X17 does not control the actions of hundreds of freelance paparazzi working in LA and selling their photos to outlets like TMZ, People magazine, Getty Images, CNN and others.”

Richie's rep has informed Access that she is not commenting further on her blog post.