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Nicole Kidman 'shaken' after being hit by paparazzo on bicycle

Nicole Kidman says that she's doing all right after a run-in with an overeager paparazzo, who struck the actress outside The Carlyle Hotel in New York Thursday.

"I was shaken up and I'll deal with it later," she told E! Online afterward, while walking the red carpet at a Calvin Klein party for New York's Fashion Week.

Kidman, who did not seek immediate medical treatment, was knocked to the ground and out of her heels, based on photos from the incident. "It was awful, but I got back up," she said.

Humberto Carreno / Today
Paparazzo Carl Wu (on ground) and Nicole Kidman after the incident outside the Carlyle Hotel.

The photographer was identified as Carl Wu, and he was cited for reckless driving, riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and riding a bicycle without a helmet.

This is just the latest incident in an ongoing list of of actor-paparazzi physical encounters. In June, Justin Bieber's car struck a member of the paparazzi as he left a club, and on Aug. 28 Alec Baldwin pinned a persistent photographer against a car

Baldwin talked about his encounter with David Letterman on Thursday's "Late Show," quipping that "the stop-and-frisk policy is working in New York."

Letterman was sympathetic: "They were baiting you," he said. "They were chasing your wife, who had just given birth."

Baldwin said they'd seen the same photographer trying to take their picture at another time: "He backed up and tripped and fell on a baby in a stroller ... and sat on a baby. We were like, we'd had it with this guy. So I stopped and I frisked him."

Baldwin also referred to legislation in Los Angeles that would prevent paparazzi from taking photographs of children. During hearings last month, Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified before the California State Assembly Committee on Public Safety in support of the law, which would alter the legal definition of "harassment."

That legislation, Senate Bill 606, passed the California Senate on Sept. 6.

Kidman, who still may press charges against the cyclist, told E! that she's used to having her picture taken by aggressive photographers: "I've lived with it for so long now," she said, adding that it still can be "terrifying."

"Luckily, I got up but there will be a time when someone does not," she added.